30 Issues: Gay Marriage and Beyond

This year has been a landmark year in terms for gay marriage. In San Francisco hundreds of gay and lesbian couples were married at City Hall. In Massachusetts the Supreme Court ruled that a ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional. George Bush’s position plays towards his conservative base which has in turn lost the endorsement of Log Cabin Republicans (however the Black Log Cabin Republicans have endorsed Bush). John Kerry has played a politically safe position not endorsing gay marriage, but against the Constitutional Amendment George Bush proposed, and for states rights to approve civil unions (very similar to Dick Cheny's beliefs). And in all of this Governor Jim McGreevy came out of the closet!

So where do we stand as a country, and as individual states on the issue of gay marriage and what does the future hold for us? Joining us to discuss this topic on Monday will be Yale and NYU Law Professor William Eskridge and Director for Governmental Affairs at the Family Research Council Thomas McClusky.

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