Feedback- Gay Marriage

If we accept the argument that marriage is a religious institution, then the State should not be sanctioning any marriage. Make all State sanctioned unions civil unions, then a couple who desires to be married may visit the religious leader of their choice. And since civil unions are not religious, any couple can have one.—E.F.

The fact that many institusions try to get people to think that gay people "recruit" young people is so far off the wall, and has NEVER BEEN PROVEN acutally makes me sick. I get my doorbell rung at least ONCE A MONTH by a religous gourp out there trying to "recuit me". Yet never have I had a gay person try to recuit me.

I wish I could stand on a soap box with some right that I could take away from the groups that oppose gay marriage. I would fight to make the point that we are all people with the same rights to live and be happy. It is sad that this nation is so far from understanding that...—S.S.

Where was the discussion? Why were there no follow up questions? George Bush being supportive of civil unions? VP Cheney being supportive of his daughter and against having Lynn and her partner’s relationship recognized? His stand that it’s state’s rights is simply a cop-out instead of taking a stand that supports is daughter. Remember, this is the man that didn’t have Lynn stand with him on the stage when he accepted the nomination for the Vice Presidency. –E.C.