How much will it cost society if the goal is to insure that everyone has a college education of some sort?

Do we really want a society where bank tellers, secretaries, laborers, garbage collectors, traffic cops, etc., need college degrees in order to secure employment or advance beyond entry level status?

While I do not advocate returning to a society where certain races, classes, sexes, etc., of people were relegated to certain jobs and job categories, it is ridiculous and fiscally irresponsible to "professionalize" even menial jobs in order to justify the cost of a college degree, which is what has happened in many cases.

Hi Brian, everyone. Isn’t it about time that the nation commits itself to free college education--as it has earlier committed itself to free high school education? Certainly a college education is as important today for helping citizens become contributing members of society as a high school education had been when it became a goal of public policy.

I completely disagree with your caller who claimed that if everyone has
a college education, it somehow reduces the value of having one. His
assumption is that getting a college degree is solely for the purpose
of getting a job. What about the countless other benefits of going to
college - like, perhaps, getting an education simply because you seek
to expand your mind, your perspective, your social circle, your
understanding of concepts, etc. etc. etc.


i thought your guest was excellent in framing the "financial drivers"
increasing tuition out of the reach of "average americans". i would have
hoped that this shortfall in making higher education affordable and
accessable would have been more clearly framed as a "security issue" as
other countries like india and china will one day have a "educated
citizenry" at a a lower cost...