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How about a poll in the US as to whether Jacque Chirac would be elected here?

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I have lived in Europe several times in the last 25 years, most recently between 1998-2001 (Italy) and was comforted on 9/11 by my Italian friends and colleagues. I returned to Italy for a visit in March 2003, litteraly days before the outbreak of hostilities in Iraq. It was all that people wanted to talk about. I could not believe the change in my friends' attitude to the US from the time I had left in November 2001.
I was dismayed by your repeated requests of your guests to name "concrete" ways in which things might change because of the current administration's stance towards the "old" Europe. What is changing is a relationship and sometimes changes to a relationship are intangible, things like trust and respect. People and nations who have been our friends and allies - some for over 200 years - have been treated so crudely by this administration that there has been irreparable ( I believe) damage done to our relationship. This saddens me deeply on one hand, and frightens me on the other. In this new century, in which many non-Western nations are poised to emerge as power brokers, Europe and the United States, with their shared tradition of western values, are oing to be seriously challenged. Instead of moving forward together, we are likely going to have to negotiate this transition separately.

I don't think most Americans realize the level antipathy that is currently the common feeling amongst the large majority of Europeans towards the United States government and by extension to the American people. Nevertheless, given the way Bush became president (a procedure that sadly is all too familiar to Europeans) Europeans are reserving judgement until after the election. If Bush is reelected, however, that will change. It will be incomprehensible how Americans could have done such a thing.

I do not agree with one of your guests who thought

How about a poll in the US as to whether Jacque Chirac would be elected here?

Bush used the word crusade after 9/11, how was that viewed in Europe?