The Lou Dobbs Interview

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Some months ago, we were pitched a "Lou Dobbs interview" with hip hop bon vivant and sometime activist Russell Simmons. We were intrigued.

A "Lou Dobbs interview" with Russell Simmons? What could that be? Would our guest host, Sarah Crichton, have to interview Simmons in the style of the CNN money guy? Would Dobbs himself show up to ask the questions? Would Simmons refuse to speak on any topics other than the Dow Jones?

We never really found out. Due to scheduling conflicts, the interview began late, and despite Sarah's valiant efforts, it was simply not our best.

But tomorrow (Wednesday) we'll find out. Dobbs himself will be our guest at 11:40 am. He'll talk about his new book, Exporting America: Why Corporate Greed is Shipping American Jobs Overseas.

Coming from a lifelong Republican and fierce capitalist, it should be interesting to hear Dobbs' take on outsourcing. As we recently learned, the phenomenon has even begun to affect American journalists!
[Reuters to Shift Editorial Jobs to India]

Can you tell us what a "Lou Dobbs interview" is?