Put on Your Platform Shoes!

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On the show Thursday: Congresswoman Melissa Hart (R-PA-4th District) takes us inside the arduous, tedious, and throroughly ungamorous process of drafting a new party platform.

OK, perhaps you haven't read any party platforms lately. They are dry as dust and not even all that relevant to making policy. But if you think they can't teach us something, check out this New York Times op-ed by Peter Buttigieg, Peter V. Emerson, and Ganesh Sitaraman (article for purchase only).

Sitaraman will join us tomorrow morning, and he'll argue that the length and subject matter of a party platform can be a surprisingly good predictor of who the winner will be. Basically: the fewer the pages , the better chance of winning. The more time spent excoriating the opponent's policies, the better chance of losing.

Your thoughts?