The Final Push

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[unity, unity, unity]
Coming up this morning: Hillary Clinton and Elliott Spitzer. Listen for any chink in their message of unity. As one reporter remarked to us yesterday, all this talk of getting together behind one candidate is making things awfully boring for us! We know, everyone wants to put the bruising '01 mayoral and '02 gubernatorial primaries behind them--not to mention unseat Bush--but you gotta give us some red meat!

[political buttons]

Taking poetic license with Teresa's words

[Stakeout: Louisbourg Square]

The Kerry-Heinz-Kerry (?) residence is somewhere near the far corner, according to a secret service agent

Also convening in Boston this week: followers of Falun Gong

This is what we see every day on the way to and from the Fleet Center

Kerry-Edwards not working for you? Try this.

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