The Booth Grows

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Day three begins and our base at booth 56, which Brian has often described as 'six feet by six', is rapidly expanding...

What will the neighbors say?

He was supposed to be on our show right after Katie...not!

[Dept. of Political Rising Stars]

Dude, I just saw Ben Affleck. rotfl! ;}

Al Sharpton protege Jarrett Maupin Jr. (aka 'mini-me')

[Night and Day]

One of the things we've been noticing while doing our regular morning show and an evening show is the difference between day and night here at Fleet.

musical acts practicing on the podium
no people in silly outfits
no politicians milling around
Dunkin' Donuts closed

C'mon guys, follow your lines on the TeleprompTer!

floor passes hard to come by
lots of people in silly outfits
top politicians suddenly appear out of nowhere
Dunkin' Donuts open and doing a roaring business

Senator Clinton ambushed by the cameras in front of a bathroom. Her suit matches the walls.

Take one step closer, Jesse, and you're dead meat!

click below for a gallery of some political expressions