Opening Night

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All parties are low in carbs. Choose on taste.

The convention opened last night with famous Americans such as Jimmy Carter, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Patti Labelle. But don’t think we got any closer to the action than any of you. Radio broadcasters are mostly confined to several “radio rows”, impromptu studios squeezed in right next to each other. Technically our allotted space is six feet by six, but who’s counting?

Radio row at night. That’s Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (putting on headphones) and former Labor Secretary under Clinton, Alexis Herman (taking them off)

Another former Labor Secretary, Robert Reich, being interviewed by one of our radio row colleagues

The difference between morning and night on Monday was huge. Before the convention opened at 4 pm, anyone could wander onto the floor and check out the preparations.

Just follow the TeleprompTer

By the evening, though, you needed a temporary 30-minute floor pass to get to the action. That’s OK, we like to think the real action is in the hallways where deals are made and interviews are given.

If you want to be interviewed, it helps to have a goofy hat

…or the right dress

Celebrity (?) sighting with the signature to prove it: Omarosa!