Culturally Divisive...And Proud!

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Today's entire show was composed of those meaningless, culturally divisive questions that cause us to forget our common Americanness and vote against our class interests...I mean, cause us to run down to Federal Court and get a look at Martha Stewart: martyr or martinet?

Adolf Hitler: appropriate for use in Democratic or Republican political advertising?

Bill Cosby: dissing the victim, or speaking uncomfortable truths about black youths?

Gay wedding music: at long last, something we all could agree on! "<a href="I Do", a popular new aisle accompaniment (as reported last Wednesday in Metro), is dreadful! [for a musical take on Martha, try this submission by Elisa, a listener]

Coming up Monday: Mike Pesca is in for Brian. He'll be talking with one of the first generation of bloggers to attend a political convention with press cards. Find out more.