The Lament of Dr. Huxtable

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Bill Cosby's May 17th comments taking black youth to task provoked a storm of controversy--not to mention a blistering riposte from New York Times guest columnist, author Barbara Ehrenreich, who said on today's show that "if (Cosby) wants to do something to increase positive attitudes toward education among black youth, I don't think you start with a public tantrum and spanking." Which, in turn, caused caller (and Village Voice columnist) Nat Hentoff to cry foul.

Ms. Ehrenreich also dusted off her background in research (she holds a Ph.D. in biology) to calculate how many blue collar men a female T.A.N.F. recipient needed to marry in order to lift herself and her family out of poverty--and came up with a controversial 2.3. Expect a constitutional amendment banning polygamy to go before the Senate any day. But don't expect Senators Kerry and Edwards to vote on it.