The other island with a 212 area code

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Development within our city limits is always contemptuous. In the last year the fate of the Far West Side, Downtown Brooklyn and the Atlantic Yards has ruffled a lot of feathers. But talk about development of Governors Island has been lost in the crowd of sports arenas and office space.

22 acres of the land is controlled by the National Parks Service as it is land marked. The remaining 150 acres could be developed into anything. Ideas that have been batted around: a casino, conference center, education center, luxury housing. The list could go on… the catch is that whatever is built at the bottom of the island has to maintain the historic area of the island financially.

Mayor Bloomberg has remained rather silent over the matter. With the island finally open to the public this may be an occasion to voice our own opinions. Of course this could also just another opportunity for people to get hot under the collar in what could be an already hot summer.

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