Moore the Merrier?

Whether to rebroadcast an old program is often a tough call. Is the program still topical? If people have heard it before, will they want to listen again?

In the case of our "Culture Storm" taping from last May, we knew the discussion on "life and politics in the election year" was mostly still current, but it contained one long conversational digression on why Disney didn't want to release Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911". Was it fealty to right wingers in the government? Fear of box office backlash?

How things have changed! Seven weeks later, the Weinstein brothers have spirited the film out of Michael Eisner's clutches and into a cinema near you--opening today nationwide!

Michael Moore has also since admitted that he knew a year ago that Disney would not distribute the film.

But the hubub over still hasn't really been explained. Was it Moore's manipulative side? An earnest attempt to shield Disney from the association with a controversial film? Did Michael Eisner feel he had to coddle conservatives?

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