A Walk in the Park

Should protesters at the August GOP convention in New York be allowed to gather on the Sheep Meadow in Central Park?

The question has been fodder for some shrill tabloid headlines, but on the show today United for Peace & Justice's Leslie Cagan struck a more conciliatory note, saying a rally in Central Park would simply be the safest option, and "we think that if he [the mayor] had the opportunity to hear that directly from us hopefully, we'd convince him."

Newsday 's Sheryl McCarthy, who penned a column critical of U for P & J said that historically, rallies belong elsewhere:

"That goes to places like Washington Square Park Union Square Park, Tompkins Square Park. Central Park does not have that kind of history. And I think other people of the city who don't wanna take part in this huge deomstartaion have the right to use the park and not be a part of a political demonstration."

What will you do during the convention?

I'm going to be a volunteer at the convention. I'm very much for Kerry and I want to engage Republicans, if I can, in a discussion.
-Rita on the Upper East Side

Ed Koch would be proud!