The Great Communicator

Please take a look at our extended blog entry, we have compiled some of your emails honoring Ray Charles.

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Hey there! Love the show...

I am a photographer and was lucky enough to work with Ray Charles once, when he was out with BB King. He was a treat, and could instantly mimic my voice exactly! After a while, he turned to me and said:

"You know, photography is the only field I know where you can get it wrong 99 out of a hundred times and still look like a genius--I have to get me a job like that!"

Thought you would like that!

AP in Brooklyn

Thank for acknowledging the passing of a truly amazing American. Ray Charles did more to advance humankind in one song then some presidents have done in two terms in office.


I think its wonderful that the President has declared today a national day of mourning in memory of Ray Charles. I just saw part of the funeral on CNN which showed the arrival of Prince Charles. Does anyone know if they are related?

DJ in Manhattan

It is somehow fitting that amidst the hoopla and tributes for Ronald Reagan comes the close of the life of a truly great American - That of Ray Charles. Ray Charles was an artist who overcame great poverty and hardship to bring the world the warmth of his amazing music - beautiful, heartfelt and inspirational. A great musical artist who will be greatly missed though the legacy of his recorded work will live on to entertain and inspire future generations.


Now *he* was a great American! Where's his state funeral?

Yes, if there is a 'great communicator' to honor this week, it is most certainly Ray Charles. Thank you for that acknowledgment. I can't think of a single emotion Ray Charles failed to capture through his croons, moans, shouts, whispers, or laughs.

MC in Brooklyn