One of the aspects not mentioned in analysis of the Mayor’s noise control proposal seems to be the one thing most of our listeners want addressed: car alarms. During our discussion of the bill today, many listeners weighed in on this aural bane of NYC living. Some pointed to the notion that car alarms do nothing in the way of theft deterrence, merely attacking the ear drums of innocent bystanders. Others said they witnessed car stereo thieves at work, completely unfazed by the blaring alarm. In fact, the City Council holds hearings on the matter tomorrow. Here are some selected emails on the matter, including listener opinions on Mister Softee trucks.

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I watched a thief steal a car radio while the alarm was on (I lived on the 5th floor) and he was gone before anyone could reach him.

while it is true that there is a 3 minute maximum for car alarms that go off falsely, this is almost never enforced by the police. it has been my personal experience that even when the police observe a false alarm for more than 3 mins, they still opt not to ticket the car. either way, 3 mins is too long; it takes only a few seconds of a false alarm outside your window to wake up a baby, etc.
the police need to be encouraged to ENFORCE the laws that exist.

MOTORCYLES with souped up mufflers are TERRORIZING
downtown Manhattan. Swarms of riders--especially on weekends--create a DEAFENING ASSAULT on the human body that leaves a trail of car alarm CACOPHANY. I can only imagine the effect on my 11 MONTH OLD daughter!

- Car alarm only goes off if access is gained to car (not just bumping it)
- car alarm only goes off if wheels turn or car
is moved (gps position) after it is triggered
I think if there is the will there is a way.

why don't police enforce unnecessary honking of horns laws?
huge source of revenue.
and less noise.

The worst noise in my neighborhood, upper 90's by 1st Ave, is from car radios, worse when windows are open but hearable when they're closed too, and motorcycles.
fine people who play car radios loudly enough so word gets

the only reason that car insurance companies give a discount is b/c NYState law requires this. the discount is NOT offered b/c insurance companies see a statistical deterrent effect from car alarms.
the discount is very small ($20/year) and certainly is not worth the nuisance.
we need to get nystate to stop forcing insurance cos. to give this discount

This proposal is absolutley absurd. Bloombergs new york is transforming new yorkers into a bunch of whimps. This is new york, we chose to live here. I am seeing new york, on a daily basis, become a place where people no longer need to communicate in order to live.
Perhaps I may be disturbed by some noise, but that is better than being disturbed by a cop telling me to pipe down.
This is NOT the suburbs. Go to the berkshires if you want peace and quite.

sirens.... shreaking screaming sirens... are the most pervasive and constant noise pollution I hear every time I'm in NYC
(at least Manhattan) ... but it's not likely they wil be banned ...

Car alarms are the worst. Not only are they triggered by motorcycles and thunderstorms but any high wind and the passing of airplanes. For those of us who live in a landing path the combination can be deafening.
Additional irritants are the blaring of radios from cars and apartment windows, and yes, the Mr Softee truck which has made me come to hate "Pop Goes the Weasel". I yearn for the gentle tinkle of the Good Humour bells.

I was listening to one of the segment of your show and I did not really understand who was Mr. Softy.
Thank you,