The Nixon-RFK Question

Is Senator Clinton more like former President Richard Nixon or former Senator Robert F. Kennedy? That's the question that's bugging political consultant Dick Morris. Morris, of course, advised for Mrs. Clinton's husband when he was President. Now he has a book out, 'Rewriting History'--a response to Senator Clinton's bestselling memoir 'Living History'. On our show today, Morris weighed Hillary's relative similarities to Dick and Bobby.

LIKE DICK: 'There is a Nixonian quality to her, of a complete misrepresentation of who she is by public persona. That misrepresentation conceals not only her bad parts but her good parts too.'

LIKE BOBBY: 'she has the same seat in the senate as a carpetbagger, after being the alter-ego to a president.'

Not exactly flattering stuff, but once Morris had dispensed with disparaging Hillary, he had some nice things to say too:

'I think that underneath the deception, the misrepresentation, the paranoia, the materialism, lies one of the finer minds in our politics, one of the best-motivated people in our politics and someone whose perspective is sorely needed.'