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Wednesday, June 02, 2004 - 02:57 PM

Please check out our extended entry which contains some of the emails we received from listeners during Brian's interview with Thomas Friedman from The New York Times.

Can't remember who it was who analogized the Iraq government process with Michael Jackson's nose. The point is that one surgery resulted in improvement; a second might make it a little better; subsequent ones mess it up. By my count, Iraq's government will have four surgeries....

I know it's a tiny detail, but "outsourcing" can be completely domestic--it happens all the time when banks sell off their internal IT departments to big providers like IBM or Accenture. Moving work to different countries to take advantage of differences in the global economy is something different, and doesn't –automatically- happen at the expense of domestic jobs.

How can you compare a violent Iraqi Islamic fundamentalist iman with the Likud party's democratic vote against a Gaza pullout (recent oped calling both extremists)? Does democracy work for you only when you approve of its results?


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