Walk the Walk

It’s that time of year again, commencement across college campuses. What makes this year different is that this year is an election year. And with the country at such a divisive point, the tension is palpable. Case in point, E.L. Doctorow’s anti-war speech this weekend at Hofstra University was met with boos and protests by both the students and parents (our sources indicate that the parents were more vocal than their graduating children, who silently got up from their seats and walked to the side).

Our guest this morning was Joshua Foer who graduated from Yale just yesterday. He authored an op-ed in the New York Times indicating that his fellow graduates have been torn between liberal social values and a conservative view of America’s place in the world. With comparisons being made between 2004 and 1968, it may well be that the same people who marched back then will be marching again. Their children will be at home watching on television.