O’Neill to Bremer to Clarke

Some email from listeners today:

On blacking out Ted Koppel tonight:

“… when the clean up of the Trade Center was celebrated, part of the ceremony was a reading of all the names of the dead, complete with flags waving and tears. No one objected to that.”

On the “repositioning” in Fallujah:

“It¹s an American retreat, a defeat. The city is being turned over to the people who were fighting us. The rest is just window dressing.”

On the revelation that Paul Bremer, then a terrorism expert, said in February 2001 that the Bush people seemed ready to “stagger along until there’s a major incident”:

“The Bremer interview backs up what Clarke told the 9/11 Commission on the precise same point.”

Can they write off Paul O’Neill, Richard Clarke and Paul Bremer all as malcontents?

Have a good weekend.