Saudis Go, Kerry No Show

We’ll make this mostly a guest blog entry today from Jack in Short Hills, who emailed us after the show. He was responding to a caller who attended The March For Women’s Lives yesterday, who objected strongly to John Kerry sending his daughter to represent him. What do you think? Jack wrote:

I don't think that John Kerry helps himself with the swing voters (i.e. the non ABB's) by showing up at a pro-abortion rights rally --

Kerry is more directly confronted by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church with the publication in the U.S. of Ecclesia De Eucharistia and the pronouncements of Cardinal Arinze and Bishop Wilton Gregory. Ted Kennedy appeared to trivialize Arinze's position - as I read his remarks in the LA Times (reg. required) last week.

(Editor’s Note: ABB stands for Anyone But Bush)

On one other topic, New Republic Editor Peter Beinart said the flap about Saudis flying out of the country after 9/11 when other flights were grounded is being overblown. He responded on the show to a clip of Prince Bandar on Meet The Press. I tend to agree. If Democrats are harping on this to make Bush look bad, they should bark up a different tree. With all the problems confronting the nation, do you really expect swing voters to turn the President out of office because he and Richard Clarke let Saudi elites go home?