Getting Drafty?

Here’s what I think about Sen. Chuck Hagel’s idea for reviving the draft, which we had a call-in about today:

I love the idea because it’s the only equitable way to distribute military risk in our society.

I hate the idea because the government should never force people to fight in wars they don’t support.

I love the idea because it would force top officials to have a personal stake in their decisions about military action.

I hate the idea because at least the market-based military we have today has to offer incentives like college tuition. What would they give people if they could just force us in?

I hate myself for liking something about our mercenary military.

I love the idea because reservists and Guard members with kids at home shouldn't have to serve in Iraq.

I hate the idea because my own kids could get called in a few years.

It’ll never happen because members of Congress feel the same way about their kids.