Pottery Barn Rules

I've been wondering why John Kerry chose yesterday to go on Meet The Press. He must have known that the Bob Woodward book would suck all the air out of the weekend news cycles, right into today. Maybe he didn’t actually want the publicity for some reason. But he’s not solving his biggest problem: everyone knows what he’s against, but not what he’s for.

In any case, Woodward’s Plan of Attack adds Colin Powell to the drip drip drip of insiders who believe Bush and Cheney were irrationally obsessed with Iraq. Can Powell, Paul O’Neill and Richard Clarke all be dismissed as malcontents?

By the way, Powell’s “Pottery Barn Rule”, described by Woodward – if you break Iraq, you’ve bought it - drew a few howls of protest from callers who say they’ve broken things at Pottery Barn – and even after getting something home – and their returns policy is very generous.