The Commish Part 2

9-11 Commissioner Slade Gorton says he doesn’t like to draw conclusions about the Commission's hearings. But on today’s show, the former Republican Senator seemed eager to opine:

-he dubbed Attorney General John Ashcroft’s comments about Commissioner Jamie Gorelick heightening the wall (between intelligence and law enforcement) as a “cheap shot.”

-said the most recent hearings about law enforcement and the intelligence community were more important than the past hearings with Richard Clarke and Condoleezza Rice.

-responded to comments about the Commission spending too much time giving interviews to the media, saying, “if we have to make the choice between plenty of publicity and public education and hiding behind closed doors, I'll take the former anytime.”

-He said he was “less entranced' with the idea of setting up a new MI-5-type agency: “Many of us were I think more entranced then than we are now.”

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