Is he George W. Kerry? Ariel Sharon Kerry?

For all the criticism by the presumed Democratic presidential nominee of the current resident of the White House, it was hard to find differences between them today on the defining issues of Israel and what to do next in Iraq. At least, that was the case judging by our interview with Kerry’s National Security Adviser Rand Beers. Check out the Iraq and Israel threads in our 20 minute interview. And as you’ll hear in a sound bite we played, Kerry even called the occupation of Iraq a "great enterprise".

We were so struck by the similarities that on tomorrow’s show, we’ll have Newsweek's Richard Wolffe to try to articulate the differences we might have missed.

Meanwhile, we invite your e-mail on the question: how are Kerry and Bush different on future U.S. policy toward Iraq, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

And don’t forget our contest to name this blog: deadline April 25th.