The Commish

While the news media were trying to figure out whether to continue spinning Condi's testimony or focus on the very scary news coming out of Iraq yesterday, Bill Clinton met for about four hours in secret with the 9/11 Commission. The day's papers contained little information on the meeting. Fortunately, Commissioner Bob Kerrey was able to share a few points when he was a guest on the show this morning.

on the Cole Bombing:“I was very critical of the President and his national security people in earlier hearings on that point and his answer is that they just weren’t certain. They had not been persuaded by the CIA and FBI that Al Qaeda was responsible.”

on rumors Sudan wanted an extradition deal for bin Laden in 1996:“He said I do not recall ever having that offer.”

The net effect of Condi on perceptions of Bush admin pre-9/11 actions?: [bloomberg]