Ikea II

Comments also continued off the air and emailers on both sides of the debate weighed in. Here’s a sample...

Long term successful development rarely has an easy solution. Do the people of Red Hook notice how mall sprall decentralizes neighborhoods and makes people dependent on one employer?

All I heard was a 1950's reason for NO jobs, I say take a real look at Red Hook by spending all day with a Family and you will agree that JOBS are More than needed and the traffic that the non housing Red Hook is opposing is not founded.

The employment issue is a non-issue…within a mile radius they have a soon to be opened Lowe’s, and already established Home Depot, Costco, Jetro and other industrious groups along the post industrial landscape of south Brooklyn.

It's a CLASS thing, man. The working class people need jobs while the gentrifying pioneers dream of Red Hook as Brooklyn Heights, and big scores made in real estate. Make me puke.
IKEA would be the best thing to happen to Red Hook in a century.
Hey, The White Fleet ain't coming back. Get with the program, or get out is my advice.

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