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Monday, April 05, 2010

Know Your Neighbor puts the spotlight on the unsung souls living right next door. 

There are one-of-a-kind thinkers, doers and makers on every block of New York City, and I'm counting on you to lead me to them. 

Tell me about a person in your know that I need to meet in the comments section below. 

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mermeid6 from Dhaka

Wrestling is a hard sport to train for especially when it comes to tactics unless you have superb sparing partners at or about your own weight. It's nice to have sparing partners that are faster, more agile, and stronger than you are, that's how you get good. Now don't get me wrong, much of the physical conditioning training is fairly easy, after all anyone can go out and jog, run stadium steps, and practice grappling, and hit the gym twice a day for 2-hours at a pop, but the hard part is getting the moves down to a science and to muscle memory, reflex if you will.

Jun. 26 2013 01:33 PM
Jenny Mach from Kearny, New Jersey

Lucena Klassman is my mom. Well, actually she's my downstairs Brazilian neighbor, but she might as well be my mom. From the fantastic Brazilian cooking she does for my husband and I, to the gardening she does with us, the bread she delivers from her church to all the neighborhood houses and shops, when I think of it now, she's actually everybody's mom. She's a Big Sister to a little black girl in Newark and recently offered to pay for a neighbor's vet visit because the cat broke its leg and doesn't have many to take it to the vet. She has the biggest heart and everyone knows her. She definitely deserves a mention on here.

May. 04 2013 03:15 PM
Pete from Bergen County, NJ

My neighbor actually lives in NJ but Stephan (Steve) Mendelsohn deserves our recognition for his contributions to NYC. In addition to serving our country in the military and intelligence fields he has served as a volunteer for the NYC Marathon for twenty six years. He has also volunteered as the frequency coordinator for the NYC Triathlon. Steve is now battling pancreatic cancer.

Jun. 01 2011 07:15 PM
Khim Davis

I nominate Ms. Marjorie Eliot - jazz pianist. Every Sunday for the last 15 years she has been playing live jazz music from the "parlor" in her Harlem home for free! She sets up snacks, juice and as many folding chairs as she can fit. And each Sunday you are in for a musical TREAT because you never know who will show up to sit it (she knows some pretty cool folks). WE LOVE YOU MS. MARJORIE!

Apr. 06 2011 06:02 PM
Robert Hamburger from Upper West Side

Around the beginning of every year, a woman shows up in my neighborhood, saw in hand, "harvesting" discarded Xmas trees. She either cuts them into manageable size or drags them off to her studio on 103rd Street where she combines them with discarded plastic bags and dried leaves-- transforming them into what she calls "drawings in space." Her name is Ilene Sunshine-- can you believe it? She has a website if you want a look.

Apr. 17 2010 05:37 PM
judie from 175 West 12th street, NYC 10011

I nominate Dr. Arline Rubin who serves on my condo board. She works hard for our building, and each week displays beautiful flowers in the lobby for the delight of all my neighbors. In addition, in good weather, she tends the garden outside our building. While her degree (Ed.D.) is in home economics, she is now retired. She has put all her creative energies into crafts. She collects the dying flowers and presses them and then turns them into beautiful pressed flower cards, which she sells. She also collects old buttons and makes them into pins and necklaces, which she also sells. She does all kinds of interesting and creative things with crafts. And, most important she is a caring neighbor to all the building.

Apr. 12 2010 11:08 AM
Jane Clapp from Park Slope

I'm nominating my friend and Williamsburg resident Joseph Foglia. He was born and raised in the neighborhood, which was pretty rough and drug-infested back then. His interest in graffiti led him out of the streets and into high school at the School of Art and Design in Manhattan and he is now a self-taught, self-employed designer/builder. He has designed many of the most popular (and tastiest!) restaurants in his neighborhood, including Dressler, Dumont Burger, Oslo coffee and Saltie. He always employs his neighborhood friends to help build them.

Apr. 06 2010 11:19 AM
Liz Wheeler from Staten Island

I work with a young woman whis an HIV test counselor in our agency. She is an amazing artist - both with pencil and paper and spoken word. Last year she organized a spoke word night to benefit the agency (Community Health Action of Staten Island - which provides services to HIV+ persons and is engaged in harm reduction activities on Staten Island). Her name is Crystal Rasso - her work phone is (718) 808-1313.

Apr. 06 2010 11:17 AM
Kathleen from Maspeth Queens

My husband Tomas is very engrossed, passionate , i'd say obsessed with making really cool music. He wakes up in the middle of the night or the crack of dawn with a melody, a beat in his head & goes right for the studio to lay out a track. He makes track after track for his ears only. Only I and one other friend have been fortunate enough to hear his work. He does this just for the love of music and has never recieved any sort of compensation for his music, yet he is tirelessly is in pursuit of creating new sounds is his 1 room studio. He is very talented.

Apr. 06 2010 11:06 AM
Andy Teirstein from 14th St. West Side

You should interview the mask maker Stanley Allen Sherman. He is an observant Jew who makes masks for wrestlers in the World Wrestling Federation, for opera companies, and clowns. An actor, producer and director who did a show using paper airplanes. Also a fabulous cook and infamous seder host. His 14th street apartment over the donut shop is a perfect interview site. Email me for his telephone number.

Apr. 06 2010 11:04 AM
Ralph Feliciello from Jackson Heights

We have a 30-year old neighbor in Jackson Heights who writes his own music, has two self-produced CD's that are fabulous and the record business is in such a state that nobody knows about this guy. And his stuff is great. He lives in a rent subsidized apt with two cats and two pianos. He's dedicated himself to his music and to celebrating New York City and it's creative energy. Listen to his CD "God Is In The City."

Apr. 06 2010 10:57 AM

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