Marriage Is a Joke

Monday, March 01, 2010

You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up: A Love Story is a new book about humor in marriage. The co-authors, Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn, are married and both double as actors.

Event: Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn at Joe's Pub Tonight, Monday, March 1 at 9:30pm. Tickets here.


Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn

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the truth! from Beautiful BK


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Mar. 01 2010 12:13 PM
Amy from Manhattan

On Darwin's list & "I thought he was more evolved": Well, he wrote that pretty early in his life, right? Maybe he evolved later.

Mar. 01 2010 11:51 AM
Henry from Katonah

Minority view -
I enjoyed that segment and reserved the book at my local library.
From reading it, I thought the title might be pronounced "You say to-MAHT-to , I say shut up"
The BL Show is great! The segments that annoy me are very few.
But Brian don't you usually put the light subjects in the last hour of the show?
Is it the funding raising throwing you off?

Mar. 01 2010 11:06 AM
Tanya from Hollis Park Gardens

That's complete crock!!

It all depends on the economic status, and the situation of your marriage.
It also depends on "old fashioned" to "modern" women and men, and sex is NOT what it's all about,perhaps for those who have time on their hands....if you have a family, having $$$ and providing a decent meal for your children is of utmost importance, and who has time to read the New Yorker, REAlly Brian.

Mar. 01 2010 10:59 AM

Why do the producers of this show insist on periodically airing this kind of annoying, moronic nonsense? If the contributors WNYC is attempting to attract this morning are persons who enjoy this drivel, then I'll no doubt be listening to (and supporting) BL less and less

Mar. 01 2010 10:50 AM
Vijay from Metuchen, NJ

Such superficial and annoying talk.

Mar. 01 2010 10:48 AM
Dan from Washington Heights, NYC

Been with my girlfriend for 5 years... much longer than some marriages.... No plans on getting married soon.

Mar. 01 2010 10:47 AM
James from Stamford

These two are insufferable.

Mar. 01 2010 10:46 AM
James L. Murphy from upper west side

Annoying segment. Since BL is normally so good, these bad ones really stick out. Sorry for the bluntness. And how about a nod to the concept of gay marriage?

Mar. 01 2010 10:45 AM
Jay F. from manhattan

What an annoying segment.

Mar. 01 2010 10:39 AM
David from Bronx

You Say Tomato - I say - gay New Yorkers still can't get married!?!?
Enjoy your ability to get married.
Equality for all!!!

Mar. 01 2010 10:39 AM

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