State of the CIA

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Monday, January 11, 2010

A double-agent bomber was able to kill seven CIA operatives in a single attack. Former CIA officer Robert Baer explains what this means for the CIA, and what these deaths can tell us about how the agency currently operates. Plus: what the latest job numbers mean and how they are being affected by temporary employment; the path forward for economic development in NYC; and why the new Google Phone matters.

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Robert Baer

Permatemp Nation

The most recent numbers show that payrolls fell by 85,000 in December, indicating continued sluggishness is the jobs market. Peter Coy, economics editor at Bloomberg BusinessWeek, discusses the latest economic news, and how the rise of the temporary worker is altering the employment landscape.

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Problem Word

Senate majority leader Harry Reid's comments about the candidacy of then Senator Barack Obama and the use of the word "negro" on census forms has caused some controversy. John McWhorter, linguist and senior fellow with the Manhattan Institute, discusses the controversy and the word.

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Economic Development in NYC

As Mayor Bloomberg enters his third term, he continues to make economic development a major goal. Seth Pinksy, president of the NYC Economic Development Corporation, discusses the city’s priorities for growth and development given the dire fiscal climate.

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State of the CIA

Recent news stories have shed light on the work of the CIA, including the agency's role in intelligence gathering on the Christmas Day bomb plot. Robert Baer, former CIA officer and intelligence columnist for, explains what these stories tell us about how the agency operates now.

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Loud City

According to a new study by Hear the World, the number one noisiest place in New York City is the F, V, B, D subway platform at Bryant Park. Dr. Craig Kasper, chief audiology officer of Audio Help Associates of Manhattan, discusses the noise in the city and ...

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Consumer Electronics

Will Google change the game for cellphone providers? Dan Ackerman, the senior editor for, tells us all about the Consumer Electronics Show this past weekend and the next big things on the tech scene (including the new Google Phone).

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