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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

From time to time, we do open phones segments around a particular question or topic. What question would you like to hear our listeners answer in the first call-in segment of 2010? Suggest an open phones question below!

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james b. mckie from Polo Ground-manhattan,ny

Why is Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky always meddling into a crisis? He has many pscho issues in his closet. His jewish friends in the courts protects him. That idiot has been caught several times perjury. One has to be a fool to believe his DNA; The book kobilinsky wrote is full of pagarism. Read
call me 646-872-2824

Jul. 23 2011 01:25 PM
kris sergentakis from new york city

You should do a show on what is going on at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


Jul. 20 2010 08:15 PM
Kris Sergentakis from NYC

You should do a show on what is going on at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


Jul. 07 2010 02:36 PM
James B. McKie from manhattan

Judicial corruption is a secret money making operation. Fordam University and John Jay College benefit from this criminal enterprise. A few students have died, or was confined to a mental hospital and/or sent to prison. Dr. Lawrence Koblinsky (John Jay), Dean Hector Ortiz (John Jay), Gregory M. San Germano (Fordam Univ.), Agri Krypotos O'Leary (Fordam Univ.) Daniel M. Perez (Fordam Univ.). They schools are perhaps secret terrorist training camps. Unfortunately, the N.Y.S. Courts protect them. Review website

Jan. 31 2010 05:54 AM
john from staten island

Judicial Corruption in New York should be openly talked about.
It would be a good idea to put a show on from the consumers point of view about the legal system in New York state. It needs to be disclosed when politicians and judges get money for campaign contributions. You should know if the lawyer on the other side made a donation to the judge. Recently we saw Paterson say he was going to clean up ethical problems. People will not know how best to solve the problems with the courts if you keep it quiet. Bruno was found guilty by a jury.
We should know what other activities are elected officials doing that are unethical.
Why do we have to ignore the problem?

Jan. 12 2010 04:22 PM
Brian Calway from Dallas, TX

I too would like to see a segment devoted to corrupt Judicial appointments and action perpetrated by this system. Why does WNYC under report and sensor it's website when it comes to judicial corruption?

Jan. 11 2010 05:22 PM
William Galison from NYC

Here's a topic:

Why has WNYC ignored the results of their own poll?

Why does WNYC ask listeners to waste their time suggesting topics when they then ignore the suggestions?

I believe it is because much of the funding used to build the palatial state of the art facilities and to pay the excessive salaries of the WNYC management is supplied by the very people who benefit from the massive judicial corruption in New York State.

That is why WNYC does not disclose the identities of its Corporate Underwriters. That is why WNYC does not make its charter available to the public.


Jan. 06 2010 04:43 PM
dobbs,diane from herrin illinois


Jan. 05 2010 02:38 PM
pls from nyc

of course I meant why are you NOT...I vote for judicial corruption!!

Jan. 05 2010 11:33 AM
pls from nyc

why are you accepting the results of your own poll? William Gallison supports his case completely. Shame on you...and you've been my beloved station for so long

Jan. 05 2010 11:31 AM
William Galison from NYC

Here are the results as of 1/4/10:

Topic Votes

Freelance insurance 1
Public Schools more public 1
How to be green 2
Charlie Rangel investigation 1
Abortion "what if?" 1
Parking Tickets 1
Health insurance 1
Volunteering 1
Kid's Aspirations 1
Mass Transit 1
Person of the Year 1
Howard Dean 1
Third Party Candidate 1
Why are we in Iraq 1
Men with Bellies 1
Tea Baggers 1
Adoption 3
What do lobbyists do? 1
What TV station do you miss? 1

Judicial Corruption 41

Jan. 05 2010 01:10 AM
Anita Barnes

Please let the citizens be heard! This is our government ....all those public servants and that includes judges ..should be held accountable!!! It's time the people take charge and oust these criminals. It's time to clean house from the top down ....take em all out and start fresh then hold them accountable just like any other profession.

Disgusted !!!

Jan. 04 2010 07:57 PM
Veronica from Florida

If you were on the Christmas flight 253 to Detroit or could imagine that you were - How would your New Year's resolution change?

Jan. 02 2010 03:49 PM
Peter Fiorillo from Nassau County, NY

When I was preparing my complaints to the DDC and CJC, I asked the advice of many prominent attorneys, judges, and former judges as to what I could expect. I was told to a man/woman that I could expect nothing from those agencies.

One person, an old friend and associate of many, many years told me, with a laugh, that I was wasting my time. I can't mention that person's name, but if I did, it would blow you away.

Many of us are confronted with the same issues. We have something we can't speak of.

Dec. 31 2009 05:07 PM
Peter Fiorillo from Nassau County, NY

cont1. The judge was a part of the negotiations for the latter client of the attorney in question for two years before the trial started. That he was an arm of the DA by allowing this and did not recuse himself on his own volition. He would discover at trial (if not before) that the latter client lied to him about a crime that the defendant was accused of in sworn testimony before him at an allocution made to him on 7/2/04. When he heard the lie repeated at trial, he did nothing about it. The judge was part of the prosecution's team.

2. He caused the trial record to be purged with a highly disturbing side bar conversation he had with the prosecutor and the defense attorney when he warned the prosecutor that he would call a mistrial if the prosecutor stayed on the course he clearly was pursuing. He was told by the prosecutor that he understood the judge's warning and he was going to do it anyway. That conversation was expunged from the official record. NYS law expressly forbids for the record to be changed when an objection has been made.

3. That the judge was informed that the attorney charged with the DDC had a serious conflict of interest, and that he failed to inform the DDC of such allegations as provided for by law.

The end result was to receive a letter from both 'investigative' agencies that they found no wrongdoing on either of those I complained about for misconduct.

Dec. 31 2009 04:43 PM
Peter Fiorillo from Nassau County, NY

My complaint has to do with the widespread corruption of the Suffolk DA, the courts, the OCA/DDC, and the CJS.

The DDC and the CJC are nothing but a farce to cover-up for the wrongful actions of the prosecutors and the courts.

My complaint to the DDC was that a lawyer represented two clients, and the latter client gave incriminating testimony against the former client to facilitate the conviction of an innocent man.

The two cases were connected. The lawyer denied that.

The lawyer said he did NOT represent the former client, but only acted a 'consultant' for the lead attorney in the former client's earlier criminal case. He received and cashed a check from the former client for $5,000.00, and insisted he had NO confidential information regarding that client. He added that he imparted no such information to his latter client, if he had any such information.

In that complaint the entire case was presented to the DDC. As a result of that information it appears as though the DDC opened up an investigation on the ADA that prosecuted the case in question. The allegations that I made was that the ADA knowingly allowed his witness (the lawyer's latter client) to lie on the stand when the witness said an individual was at the crime scene for which the innocent man was prosecuted and convicted of. The ADA told the jury in summation, or after the lie was exposed on cross examination that HE and the police knew it was a lie, but he allowed it to stand without correction.

Incredibly, the ADA would offer 'proof' to the DDC that he KNEW his witness lied, and he did so in writing!

The CJC would be offered a complaint against the trial judge:


Dec. 31 2009 04:42 PM
steve from northernNJ

Which TV station do you miss since transition?
This can be a station;
- no longer received
- occasionally breaking up
- breaking up with every passing bus
Most callers are from the 212 area
code or long distance from listener
who, being wealthy enough to phone,
most likely subscribe to TV or have
antenna atop a mast atop the house...
"the TakeAway" and their toll free
voicemail may be a better means
of collecting such data ... BEST
would be our gov't either with the
upcoming census and especially as
a ballot item at least every November
if not mid-year as well or all/both;

Dec. 30 2009 08:14 PM
k from pendleton

Eliot is correct and once lawyers and judges commit these felonies, they will also enlist the help of all State and Gov't Agencies to attempt to
silence their target(Sheriff's DA's, etc)
Sometimes, it is all some type of personal vendettas, that makes no sense, by low mentality thugs, who know how to use the system to control the victim.

Dec. 30 2009 02:16 PM
Eliot Bernstein from boca baby

How about addressing the COURT CORRUPTION that plagues New York allowing the Judges and the Attorney to self regulate their crimes and complaints against themselves for those crimes?
Eliot I. Bernstein
Iviewit Holdings, Inc.
Iviewit Corporation
2753 N.W. 34th St.
Boca Raton, Florida 33434-3459
(561) 245.8588 (o)
(561) 886.7628 (c)
(561) 245-8644 (f)

Other Websites I like:

Dec. 30 2009 12:36 PM
James B. McKie from manhattan

Hi! For years many people have been talking about court corruption. That is all talk. Anyway, the court are not the only people. What about the NY County District Attorney Office? For example, Mark D'wyer, Gregory San Germano, Agri (Krypotos) O'Leary, Steve G. Williams, Daniel F. Lynch, Daniel M. Perez with Ron L. Kuby have fixed trial and or appeal (Kevin Dozier-7483-2003) with the First Department in conjunction with Dr. Lawrence Koblinsky of John Jay College. Dr. Lawrence Koblinsky and Dean Ortiz are untouchable.Why? they are guilty of perjury and bribery. They have cronies in the federal, state and city protecting them. By the way, Mr. Kevin Dozier was illegally convicted/ arrested because John Jay College was stealing monies from students. He complained so the college kidnapped him through the corrupt judges such as Edwin Torres, James Catterson and Carro etc. It appears First Department- Appellate Division is so powerful that many federal and state law enforcement agencies are afraid to investigate.
Also, John Jay College has few missing students. Where are Dabrium Jones, Stepha Henry and Kevin Dozier? For the record, John Jay College lost many of its personnel in 9-11-01. Kevin Dozier was convicted of being an associate of Bin Laden. Is John Jay College affiliated with any terrorist organization? Why does not the F.B.I. or any federal organization know about him?Is John Jay College hiding something?

Dec. 30 2009 11:18 AM
Fin MacCool from Manhattan

Please do stories about corrupt Judges, Hearing Officers, Clerks and/or Lawyers.

Dec. 29 2009 08:50 PM
Sue from NY

I heard with disgust the fact that former Judge Garson, who is a convicted felon was released from his incarceration early. The corruption that exists in the Judiciary is disgusting and unacceptable. Public exposure of the corruption of Judges and attorneys must be exposed. Your job is to inform the public please do so! Don't hold back, keep punching. Your underwriters be damn!

Dec. 29 2009 08:23 PM
Lori Duboys from Boston - former New Yorker

Forgot to say: is all about bad guardianship in NYS! is all about bad guardianship/conservatorship nationally.

Dec. 29 2009 11:38 AM
Lori Duboys from Boston - former New Yorker

JUDICIAL CORRUPTION! I'm a former paralegal and court stenographer and I've tested the system through seven levels of state and federal courts.

The problems begin in state court and don't end there. Both guardianship and probate (Supreme and Surrogates Court) are corrupt. The clerks do the dirty work for the judges, after they pervert the law.
Guardianship is the new 'bread and butter' of the organized Bar! And they lie and cheat!

We call the Second Circuit the Second "Circus."
The clerks there simply perverted the caption of my case to prevent it being heard by SCOTUS!

Judges are all card-carrying lawyers.

Self-policing should be done away with; it works against the public interest as "self-protection."

NYS is holding hearings on - don't laugh - public satisfaction with the discipline process!!!

Dec. 29 2009 11:21 AM
William Galison from NYC

If anyone at WNYC questions the commitment, sincerity and credibility of the people who have written above; study the videos from the three recent Senate Judiciary hearings on the subject of judicial corruption:

These brave victims came from all over the world to testify regarding the total lack of oversight over judicial ethics.

This is a powder-keg situation that affects every citizen of New York State, and WNYC is obliged by its charter to investigate and report on it.

Failure to do so is an insult and a grave and unforgivable disservice to the people that keep WNYC on the air.

Dec. 29 2009 01:48 AM
Ellie Freidman from NYC

I believe corruption in the courts is a big problem and should definitely addressed.

Dec. 28 2009 11:25 AM
Rose from Broome County

District Attorney,Judge and X Attorney Conspise together to send two innocence boys to prison for a crime they didnt do. The guilty walks free.

Dec. 27 2009 09:15 PM
Michele Fortier from High Bridge, NJ

As an adoptee, why can I not obtain a copy of my original birth certificate? It is a record of MY birth. People involved in the adpotion triad have been working for years in New Jersey and many other states to get adoptees access to the record of their birth. Why is this civil rights issue being denied due procees in our State Assembly?

Dec. 27 2009 02:15 PM
Nora Renzulli from Staten Island

Would like the topic:

How have you been harmed by the courts?

Dec. 27 2009 12:56 AM
paul gottsegen from New York City

How long will we allow incompent and/or duplicitous judges and attorneys to further their own personal agendas on the pretext of providing justice? I know too many "officers of the court" who studied law just so they could learn how to negotiate the court system for their own benefit. I have personally seen lawsuits that are dismissed peremptorily and without reason - as well as cases that are allowed to go on for years...because not one judge in the rotating pool has the guts to dismiss it.
And what is going on when the opposing lawyer whispers something in the judges ear?? - what's that about!! Please spend some time investigating judicial misconduct which I'm afraid has overtaken the judiciary.

Dec. 26 2009 08:36 PM
Ilene Kristen from manhattan

I know many people who have been victimized by bad lawyers. When they tried to report them they got nowhere. There must be countless people with similar stories. This would be an excellent topic for your call-in show.

Dec. 26 2009 02:01 AM
Ilene Kristen from manhattan

I know many people who have been victimized by bad lawyers. When they tried to report them they got nowhere. There must be countless people with similar stories. This would be an excellent topic for your call-in show.

Dec. 26 2009 02:01 AM
sunny sheu from manhattan

Dear WNYC,

I am a victim of judicial corruption in Queens. My home was stolen from me by mortgage fraud. The perpetrators were sentenced for mortgage fraud but they walked away with a zero dollar judgment.

Nevertheless, Judge Joseph Golia ruled to foreclose my house based on the fraudulent mortgage. The foreclosure buyer was his wife's friend.

I was kidnapped by two NYPD detectives from the Queens DA, and threatened with harm if I continue to fight for my home or report this to the press.

All the above is documented in a series of articles in the Black Star News:

I know many other people with similar problems.

We cannot get justice in the courts. We need the media to help expose this travesty. WNYC owes this service to the public that pays for its existence.

Sunny Sheu

Dec. 25 2009 06:50 PM
Betsy Combier from New YorkCity

Your listeners need to hear about the corruption of the Unified Court System, which is destroying lives, careers, and families.

I have put my Federal lawsuit out on the internet, and on my facebook page. Available here:

We need to stop the RICO in the Unified Court System of New York State! Any media dedicated to public service must take notice of the infested courts and their personnel.

Dec. 25 2009 12:17 PM
margarita walter from westchester county

Pervasive corruption continues as an accepted practice between attorneys and judges in Westchester County, typically in the matrimonial part. What can be done to protect the rights of inncoent litigants who suffer from the fallout of such behavior? Many litigants are denied their constitutional rights, are denied access to their children, suffer loss of their property and assets, among many other court sanctioned outcomes. Despite historcial attempts for corrective action, it appears to have been given "lip service" only with no comprehensive follow remedy.

Dec. 25 2009 12:02 PM
mike t. grant from manhattan

I have information about N.Y.S. Courts corruption. The court kidnapped Kevin Dozier-06a1227 and charged him with being an associate of Bin Laden. the federal government was contacted and they have done nothing. Mr. Ron Kuby And Mr. Daniel M. Perez misrepresented the case.(7483-2003) Records show that the previously mentioned attorneys were paid bribe monies to keep quiet. it is common knowledge that Mr. ron Kuby and daniel M. perez are corrupt soldiers of this corrupt system. they pretend to represent their clients.

Dec. 25 2009 09:39 AM
Randy Weinstein from Manhattan

"What are your experiences with corrupt judges and lawyers who have violated the rules and laws to which they are bound and how did the judicial system respond to your grievances?

Dec. 24 2009 09:59 PM
Gerald Galison from United States

The failed state (NY) addressing both the legislature and judiciary.

Dec. 24 2009 05:29 PM
k from pendleton

Judicial Corruption-
Town of Pendleton can back date false charges to ceny your rights as they did when they filed those false charges so then
this travels to Erie County Court where they hold more false trials and rumor has it changed that paperwork
this travel back to Niagara County Court where they again commit Fraud on the Court

The AG states, just trying to discredit you!
try and get a lawyer, it will cost you, you have no rights soeth say The Senator! At least rumor has it it is my Senator! If it isn't Georgie you have some explaining to do.....

Dec. 24 2009 05:20 PM
K from pendleton, ny

for the stalkers in NY, just pass around fake psych paperwork on your victim.......
no one will believe them no matter what they say and there is no agency that investigates such a felony and call up their lawyers and tell all the fake stories you want so the lawyer ditches the case and makes it cost them.........stalkers rule the courts!

Dec. 24 2009 10:34 AM
K from pendleton, ny

Court Corruption in New York is rampant, all of Will Galison statements about our Attorney Grievance, Attorney General, Sheriff, DA even our FEDS is true. Complaints filed in these agencies go in the circular file.
Any stalker can violate an innocent persons rights and use lawyers and judges, sheriffs, DA's to accomplish their insanity.
I have 4 cases that felonies have been committed, Fraud on the Court and many other charges and there is no one to call. Call another lawyer, the lawyers are doing it, why are the lawyers doing it, there have been statements that my stalker has a powerful position and the last one they did it to committed suicide, so I would guess they will cover it up they best they can, and where are the FEDS, not returning our calls, where is the AG to investigate the attorneys felonies,
not returning our calls. Why hasn't the Attorney Grievance Committee started an investigation, they do not return calls.
Stalkers and psychopaths are ruling our courts.

Dec. 24 2009 10:12 AM
Luisa from Long Island, NY

I can guarantee that if WNYC decides to open their phone lines with the Topic of NYS Court Corruption, the phone lines would ring off the wall...Try it and you will see that i'm right!!

My questions would be..

1) Why are these Judges, Powerful Lawyers and Politicians getting away with it all, even after these crimes have been reported to the proper Federal and State authorities?

2) How can a "Powerful Lawyer", who's committed Extortion, Coercion, Felony Level Sexual Abuse, Obstruction of JUSTICE and who's heard on an Audio-Video DVD tape admitting to his crimes get away with it all?

Dec. 24 2009 05:55 AM
Hans Ulrich from Brookyn

I would like to hear a discussion on the pervasive corruption that plagues the New York State Office of Court Administration.

Dec. 23 2009 10:22 PM
Christine Anderson from Manhattan

Dear Brian:

Why not the subject of judicial corruption? It affects every aspect of our lives. There are others, like myself, who collided with the system, to our detriment, and I speak as a former court attorney. It really is time for someone with guts to at least make a start on a topic which has wreaked havoc with the lives of NYC citizens.

CA of Manhattan

Dec. 23 2009 06:41 PM
Jackie from Upstate New York

I think one of the most serious problems facing New York citizens, right now, is corruption throughout the court system.

Therefore, my question would be "Have you or someone in your family been harmed by judicial corruption?"

Dec. 23 2009 03:46 PM
laura masonic from sussex County...NJ

It is a breath of fresh air to read that so many of the populus feels dissed & without true representation.there are stories enough to fill books, but courts are corrupted by the "Good ole boy network" they protect each other at everyones peril...
Where do we find the HONEST judge who can't be corrupted...
The representatives we vote for are equally roped into the Get rich quick schemes..
the public beware we are pawns in the games of the powerfull, We who they reley on for their livelyhood..

Dec. 23 2009 03:14 PM
Shirley from Pompton Plains, NJ

Is there any quotation/slogan/proverb that you tell yourself everyday, to help you get through the day, to make you smile, etc? Maybe something from your grandmother/a holy book/a Tony Robbins lecture/anything.

I belong to a couple of discussion groups and this is always a great topic.

Dec. 23 2009 02:52 PM
galit Schloss from Bronx

According to the 2009 Report of the Commission on Judicial Conduct, there were 1,923 complaints filed in 2008. Yet of these complaints only 262 were investigated and of those, 173 were dismissed. In which about more than 90% of them get dismissed for allegedly being only a fee dispute, but they were not
1. in addition there are many more victims of this corruption Legal system who do not complain at all.
I am one of the thousands of litigants who never complaint to the C.J.C or to the Grieving Comity, because its will only caused me more harm.
i am involved for eight years in the court system , i am still not divorce, and i never had my day in Court, because judges and attorneys keep violating the laws, and my right for due process, the affect on my children and me its devostating, "America" knows about it but is quite about it, we have no where to complaint about it.

Dec. 23 2009 02:37 PM
Luisa from Long Island, NY

The sad thing is....The Court systems are being run by a bunch of criminals, who belong in JAIL..Laywers, Judges and the Politicians are committing egregious crimes every single day and the FBI, Attorney General's Office, and the U.S Attorney's Office are doing absolutely NOTHING about it..WHY is the question here? Please we need to expose these crimes.. and the MEDIA has to help us.. PLEASE HELP, HELP, HELP THESE INNOCENT VICTIMS!!!

Dec. 23 2009 02:27 PM
N.M. from New York

How about the rigging of child custody and divorce cases in the Ninth Judicial District Second Department in New York? Where cases are been rigged to eliminated the protective parent. The fact that some cases have been fixed in order to sexually exploited children. Why criminal complaints are been ignored in regard of children been involved in child porn in New York State, because the case was priviously fixed by a judge, the law guardian the offending party and the rest of the judicial gang?

Dec. 23 2009 02:08 PM
k patrick brady from Rochester WNY

Please shine your light on Judicial Corruption. New Yorks judiciary, including the Attorney General/Department of Law suborns and perpetuates the greatest consumer fraud of all; the MYTH of JUSTICE.

Dec. 23 2009 10:03 AM
Elizabeth from Buffalo NY

I concur with those from downstate NY that the judicial branch of this government is severly I worked with them for 30 yrs and I am now a victim for the 2nd time, only because I reported a sexually harassing judge who was eventually removed, producing hatred among those judges and political connections to judges, who continue and demand judicial workplace sexual activities , and then I was compelled to endure years and years of employee, supervisor and court administrator retaliation....all while receiving continuous excellent evaluations!
My story relates criminal actions taken by the courts to quiet me from revealing the dirty and illegal secrets that the NY justice system employs.
Stunning and incredible are the expressions I must use to describe to you the criminal conduct employed by the NY Office State Of Court silence my facts and years of personal experiences relative to judicial syndicate behavior!

Dec. 23 2009 09:37 AM
Carol Barbieri from Atlantic Highlands, NJ

New Jersey adoptees have been fighting for access to their original birth certificates for 30 years now. NJ Bill # A-752 has been stalled in the Assembly for two years (after being passed by the Senate). Assemblyman Joe Roberts refuses to post the bill for a hearing. My question is: "Isn't 30 years long enough to wait for adoptees to have access to their birth certificates?" The bill will give birthmothers an entire year to file a letter with the state that will tell an adoptee that she doesn't want contact. She can also have her name and address removed from the original birth certificate. This bill is fair to BOTH parties - the adoptee AND birthmother.

Dec. 23 2009 08:23 AM
Frank Brady from Manhattan

If you google "corrupt courts" you'll be stunned to read about how corrupt the courts in New York State are. A call in with suggestions to clean up the federal and state courts in New York, and restore integrity to our treasured judicial branch of government, would provide a huge public service.

Dec. 23 2009 07:44 AM
P. Allen from New York, NY

There is no point in having a call-in show about adoption laws, or any other laws, if the courts are corrupt and/or unethical and do not follow the law.

NYS is host to some of the worst judicial corruption in the country. Many ordinary citizens have been dragged into a kind of hell, by having to turn to, or been sued in, the NY courts.

In light of the fact that the NY Senate is in the middle of holding public hearings about corruption allegations against the NY agencies that are supposed to regulate attorney ethics and judge ethics, I suggest that WNYC have a call-in show about listeners' experiences and frustrations in trying to obtain an ethical and fair hearing in the NY Courts.

Dec. 23 2009 05:46 AM
Islam "Sam" Farghaly from Cliffside Park, NJ

This is a follow-up, or addendum, to my initial suggestion. Essentially, I would like to know whether fellow Americans would vote for a candidate running for public office who happens to have policy positions and a platform that by and large they welcome and would agree with but who doesn't share their faith. Given all the lofty rhetoric about the United States being the world's leader and beacon of religious diversity/tolerance as well as being a SECULAR nation, I would hope that the majority of the callers would be candid with you and, more importantly, candid with themselves, and not give politically correct responses.

Dec. 23 2009 04:55 AM
Islam "Sam" Farghaly from Cliffside Park, NJ

As a proud Muslim-American born and raised in the United States, and as one who would take up arms and die for this great country, I am particularly interested in this question, given the post-9/11 world we live in: If America is truly a secular country that is the world's bastion of religious diversity/tolerance, would you, as a non-Muslim American honestly vote for a qualified and patriotic Muslim-American, whose policy positions you might generally agree with, if he/she were running for public office, especially the presidency?

P.S. Brian, I would also like you to remind the callers who are unable to look beyond one's religious identity about the Muslim soldiers buried at Arlington National Cemetery and the moving and passionate remarks Colin Powell made during the presidential campaign of '08 in his interview with guest host Tom Brokaw on "Meet the Press" in which he endorsed Senator Obama for the presidency and in the course of the interview posed the very patriotic and thought-provoking question about what's wrong with a Muslim-American being president or for a young Muslim-American boy or girl aspiring to be president, given the smear tactics by some on the right who were invoking Senator Obama's middle name in an attempt to suggest he's a Muslim and that that was a 'problem' in and of itself.

Dec. 23 2009 04:38 AM
R. Pollack from Riverhead, NY

As a female, disabled civil rights attorney for 27 years, I was beaten up in NYC Family Court by Court officers who gave over $60,000.00 in campaign funds to the NY Atty General Cuomo, whose office refused to investigate the case and moved to dismiss it. The question of widespread retaliation against attorneys and their clients
who oppose discrimination by the Courts on a state and now federal level must be examined. On a federal level, my client's entire case file was destroyed this year BY THE COURT to cover up the criminal wrongdoing in his case.
This is documented and proven. The State's grievance committees have taken an active role in the cover up of the criminality by attacking attorney whistle blowers.

We have the documentation and witnesses. It is but a fraction of the nationwide corruption which will lead to the further destruction of our nation's legal system. It gives a black eye to those judge's and attorneys in the system who are genuine and just.

A light must be shined on the mechanics of the court system and the politics therein.. The Lycerne County PA scandal is the tip of the iceberg.

Dec. 22 2009 11:37 PM
L Newman from New Jersey

It seems that popularity of adoption stories, whether about adopting couples or adopted adults searching for their heritage have reached a tipping point. Shows like, "The Locator" and "Find My Family" are increasingly popular.

Yet, the viewing public may not realize that these programs are profiting at the expense of adult adoptees who are legally barred the legal right to know their origins as documented on their original birth certificate. (In NJ and NY, an adult adoptee cannot see this document.)

In New Jersey, if A752 and other legislation like it were passed, searching individuals could simply go to vital records and request their own information for a modest fee. They wouldn't have to be exploited on TV by personalities like The Locator.

I would very much like WNYC to host a call in show about these programs in the context of current legislation in New Jersey (A752) that would allow adopted adults to have a copy of their original birth certificates.

Brian's intro/question could be, "Do you watch programs like The Locator or Find My Family? Did you know that New York and New Jersey are just of few of the many states that prohibit adoptees from knowing their biological roots by making it illegal to get a copy of their original birth certificate? In New Jersey, A752 has a super-majority of support in the Assembly and has already passed in the State Senate. But for some reason, it remains stonewalled by Leadership, while at the same time more and more prime-time television shows about "helpless" adoptees searching for their roots are being watched by increasing numbers.

How important in your heritage? Should NJ pass this legislation?

Finally, the time is right for this kind of call-in program as it will be the final days of the legislative session. Adoptees should have their rights restored.

Dec. 22 2009 09:30 PM
Isaiah from Philadelphia

Anonymous, off-the-record call-in (and maybe a guest): What do lobbyists actually do? How does a lobbyist actually make things happen? Not just big-time, but in cities and counties and state legislatures?

Dec. 22 2009 09:25 PM
J anderson from New York City

Currently, many lawsuits involving judicial corruption are pending in Federal District Courts in NY and in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in NYC. Wide ranging hearings concerning corruption are being held by the State Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator Sampson. This is a critical matter facing voters as we head into an election year. WNYC should devote time and attention to this vital subject. Judicial corruption threatens to undermine the very foundation of our democracy.

Dec. 22 2009 06:47 PM
Terence Finnan from north of NYC

There are many pending lawsuits involving judicial corruption in Federal District Courts in NY and in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in NYC, which cry out for exposure. This is something that cannot be ignored. Right now, the judicial corruption has harmed many and some have fought back in the Federal and State courts. If we don't expose this and fight back, who will help when judicial corruption has you as a target. Judicial corruption will be an issue in the coming campaign and the listeners could be informed early enough about the candidates will promise do about it. Knowledge is power for the voter. Judicial corruption will not go away, if cover our ears.

Dec. 22 2009 06:16 PM
TC from Mamaroneck, NY from

If you don't have the money for extra comforts these days, like so many of us, what are you doing to improve your quality of life?

Dec. 22 2009 05:28 PM
laura masonic from sussex County...NJ

Civil rights are not topics for entertainment alone.... why then are Adopted Adults deprived the right to thier Original Birth Document..
When a Law was passed to protect adoptive parents privacy were no provisions made for the furure adults who were the babies of adoption, they also have a Civil right....NJ Legislators need to vote a bill presently in the Senate....

Dec. 22 2009 04:14 PM
Pamela Rolande Hasegawa from Morristown, NJ

Given the current popularity of TV shows, "The Locator" and "Find My Family," how about doing a call-in on the subject of adoptees having access to a copy of their original birth certificates? While since 1999, Oregon, Alabama, New Hampshire and Maine have all enacted laws allowing access with no strings attached, ongoing efforts in New Jersey, New York and CT -- where bills have been heard, amended and obstructed for years -- continue to struggle. What's holding up passage of what appears to be fairly simple human-rights legislation?

Dec. 22 2009 03:54 PM
noname from Queens, NY

What prevents people in NY from being more conscious and active about living 'green'? Why don't residents of this city recycle? Why don't they re-use shopping bags? Why don't they use public transportation more? Why do they use disposable cups, plate, and eating utensils even at home? Is it due to laziness? Do they not care? Do they not think about it? Do they think it won't make a difference and that's it an 'inconvenience' not worth carrying out? Do those with children not realize that most things thrown in the trash today will still be around for future generations?
My experience indicates that it's not so much an issue of education. I work in academia and have been surrounded by 'educated' people for ~15 years and individual behaviors on campus (even an Ivy League one) are too often not much better than what I've been observing around me at large. It doesn't make sense!

Dec. 22 2009 02:13 PM
William galison from manhattan

The call-in question would be:

"What are your experiences with corrupt judges and lawyers who have violated the rules and laws to which they are bound?"

Dec. 22 2009 01:18 PM
William galison from manhattan

New York State government is rife with corruption. The New York Times describes New York as a "Failed State". Consider the indictments (and convictions) of high level politicians in the past year alone.

The most destructive corruption occurs in the Judiciary, where corrupt judges (and lawyers) break the rules they are sworn to obey, destroying lives and depriving the public of the fundamental right to due process.

Anyone who has ever tried to complain about judicial corruption will find that the "ethics oversight" committees for judges and lawyers are a total sham.

Likewise, complaints against misconduct by the District Attorney and Attorney General are buried and ignored.

Up to now, WNYC has ignored this huge problem. There has never been a call in show about Judicial or law enforcement corruption. A call-in show would be the beginning of accountability for crooked judges and lawyers.

This would not be a call-in from people unhappy with a judge's decision, or a lawyer's incompetence, but with violations of ethical and criminal laws and rules by judges and lawyers.

Dec. 22 2009 01:16 PM
yourgo from astoria

why are the tea baggers comparing health care reform with no freedom and nazis? this makes no sense to me. are they morons or are they trying to say something? why dont they want health care? its cheaper than iraq. They seemed to have no problem with spending money on that.

Dec. 22 2009 11:17 AM
Pephie from Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Question re: MEN WITH BELLIES:

Have you ever helped someone, especially a man with a belly over 38 to 40 inches (considered a health risk), break out of or change their eating habits -- and tackled the sensitive issue of intruding on someone else's the attitude toward their own nourishment and care of self -- and how did it go? Any advice?

After seeing my own father have a stroke and suffer from it for 14 years, I am alarmed and worried about some of my friends who have developed similar bellies... I feel it would be an omission to not help my friends lower their risk.

Dec. 22 2009 11:12 AM
yourgo from astoria

Why are we in Iraq?

Dec. 22 2009 11:05 AM

What would it take to get you to vote for a third party?

Dec. 22 2009 11:01 AM
antonio from park slope

Do the listeners think there will be a democratic challenger 2012..Howard Dean anyone?

Dec. 22 2009 10:58 AM
LM from Long Island

Who do you predict will be the Time person of the year for 2010?

Dec. 22 2009 10:58 AM

We always here about problems with mass transit in the city, but the city is really bigger than the city itself.
Ask your listeners to look around and find what public transit needs are not being met in the suburbs (and the outer limites of the city).

Dec. 22 2009 10:58 AM
Ann from Houston, TX

Interview kids about what they want to see in the next decade and their thoughts on the past

Dec. 22 2009 10:58 AM
rachel from Brooklyn

Are you volunteering (in response to Pbama's call or otherwise) and if so, what are you doing?

Dec. 22 2009 10:57 AM
csh from NJ

What are you doing to stay healthy without health insurance?

Dec. 22 2009 10:56 AM
Phil from Bronx, NY

A suggestion would be about tickets or summonses people have received that they think they would have normally not gotten in the past. Whether it be parking, sanitation or any other fine.

Dec. 22 2009 10:56 AM
Ed from Larchmont, NY

What would our country look like if abortion had not been made legal in 1973?

Dec. 22 2009 10:55 AM
Gary from Upper Left Side

How about investigating Congressman Charlie Rangel?

Dec. 22 2009 10:55 AM
ted from manhattan

how can we be more green as citizens of nyc?

Dec. 22 2009 10:55 AM
ted from manhattan

how will nyc public schools be more public?

possible guests: klein, pta leader, uft leader

Dec. 22 2009 10:54 AM
Christine Blackburne from Greenpoint Brooklyn

I'd love to hear a call in from freelancers and people who have to buy private insurance about what insurance they have and how they got it.

Dec. 22 2009 10:52 AM

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