Newly Elected: Councilman Koo

Monday, November 30, 2009

City councilman-elect Peter Koo (R - Queens 20), discusses his plans for the next four years.


Peter Koo

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susan slome from Brooklyn, N.Y. (Midwood)

What is the definition of a bad teacher? Who is defining a "bad teacher"? There are so many factors that cannot be measured on a standardized test. A good teachers addresses all the needs of a child not just reading and writing.My immigrant students think school means you fill out a grid with circles and letters to register your answers on a test.
According to Mayor Bloomberg and Ch. Klein nobody learned to read or write before they came along. I would ask Mayor Bloomberg "What is a "bad mayor?" My definition: one who changes the rules if he doesn't like them, one who buys NYC when he sees the election getting too close, one who claims the results were strongly in his favor when the election was very close. Teachers are not able to change the rules they don't like and teachers can't buy an election. This idea of using test scores to evaluate teachers is very undettling and and unfaiar and I have lost alot of respect for Obama over this, because he and Arne Duncan are really pushing this. Arnes Duncan, Ch. Klein and Mayor Bloomberg would not last 20 minutes in a NYC classroom. If you can't do it better, don't criticize those that can and do it each and every day. Successfully.

Nov. 30 2009 10:58 AM
George from Bay Ridge

What does Mr. Koo think of the current state and city budget problems?

Nov. 30 2009 04:38 AM

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