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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

American soldiers continue to fight overseas this Veteran's Day, but some have come home and returned to school. Three young veterans discuss their adjustment from overseas battlegrounds to the college classroom. Plus, high school students talk about an education focused on test-taking. And, for those who have already graduated, jobs: which are hot and which are not in today’s tough market.

Student Veterans

On Veteran's Day, three Columbia University students discuss what it's like going back to school after returning home from war. Daniel Flatley served with the Marines in Al Anbar province and is now studying English, with support from the Yellow Ribbon Program. Rory Minnis is an Iraq War veteran ...

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Bear Stearns Not Guilty

The trial of two former Bear Stearns hedge fund managers ended in acquittals. WNYC reporter Lisa Chow recaps the Bear Stearns trial and analyzes its impact. Then, William Cohan, contributing Fortune editor and author of House of Cards: A Tale of Hubris and Wretched Excess on Wall ...

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Hot Jobs

Daily Beast staff reporter Clark Merrefield goes through which jobs are hot and which are not. Jonathan Bowles, director of New York City’s Center for an Urban Future, looks at the local job outlook.

If you’ve changed jobs because of industry trends, what new career did you pick? ...

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Pros and Cons of Teaching to the Test

Earlier this year, we collaborated with the Vote 18 Political Literacy Project, which looked to engage Pace High School students in the mayoral election. Education was a hot topic, and in particular the question of how much NYC schools should rely on standardized testing. Christopher Malone, associate professor ...

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Foreclosures Rolling On

Michael Hickey, executive director of the Center for New York City Neighborhoods, says banks are not cooperating with New York State initiatives to stem foreclosures.

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War Movie

The Hurt Locker centers on a bomb disposal unit in Iraq. Kathryn Bigelow, the film’s director, and screenwriter Mark Boal talk about making a movie about a contemporary war and what making the film taught them about today’s soldiers.

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