Happy Friday Everyone!

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The week's over! The radio show'll be up on the site in a couple hours. Here're a bunch of things that I wanted to tell you about this week and didn't have time to: 

A great HitFix interview with the Parks & Recs guys that shows you how smart sitcom writers think about making TV.

The BBC is doing a reality show about a trio of American Evangelicals who go to London to perform exorcisms. It seems like it'll be interesting in a "This is what England thinks of the U.S." way.

Yelp's suing a law firm for posting fake reviews. Seems wonk-ish, but it's interesting because it's novel. A couple years ago, it seemed like Yelp was being sued every few months by angry businesses that didn't quite understand the internet. Which makes this kind of a man-bites-dog story, albeit instead of a man biting a dog it's a business that usually gets sued suing someone instead. 

If you watch Breaking Bad but aren't listening to the Breaking Bad Insider podcast, you should. It's Kelley Dixon, the show's editor, who is an over-the-top charming gruff genius, and usually Vince Gilligan, breaking down all the little choices that go into the show. It's sort of like the Parks & Rec interview - there's something endlessly satisfying about listening to creative geniuses think out loud. 


And lastly, for your weekend, here are two videos of young children wholesomely pursuing fame.