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Joy Diaz

Joy Diaz is originally from Mexico City—a city that's both one of the most congested places in the world and also one where the bike culture is growing by leaps and bounds.

Joy now reports for Austin's NPR station KUT 90.5 FM. There, she works the city beat. In a city like Austin—one of the fastest growing in the nation with a booming economy and a zest for life—working on the city beat often means reporting on how Austinites look for ways in which they can be gentle to the environment, their health and the roads. That's where biking comes in.

Joy has a degree in Journalism from the University of Cuautitlán Izcalli. She lives in a bike friendly suburb with her husband and 2 young children.



Alex Goldmark

Alex Goldmark is a Senior Producer for WNYC's Transportation Nation reporting project.

He covers all the different ways Americans move around— from cars, to bikes, planes and trains, along with the environmental and social impacts those transportation choices.

He gets around New York City on a single-speed gray bike festooned with reflectors and protected by kevlar-laced tires because he got tired of fixing flats.

Previously, he was an editor on The Takeaway. He's fun to Tweet with: @alexgoldmark



Adam Reilly

Adam Reilly is a reporter at WGBH News in Boston.

He usually covers politics, but also reports on other subjects—including Boston's ongoing attempts to turn a city known for aggressive driving into a welcoming place for cyclists.

As a rule, he's too timid to bike in Boston himself, but he's been known to make exceptions.