Ambient Electroacoustic Works


For this New Sounds, we’ll sample some recent ambient electro-acoustic music from the likes of New Jersey-based composer Frances White, Canadian electronic/ambient producer Loscil (Scott Morgan), and Fazio.  Listen to electroacoustic chamber music by Frances White, which she wrote especially for eighth blackbird, and incorporates the traditional Japanese shakuhachi flute.

Then, from Alaska-based composer John Luther Adams, a work for layers of acoustic flutes that suggests bird songs and almost sounds electronic.  Also, listen to music from Harold Budd and Brian Eno from the classic 1980s record, Ambient #2, the second in a four-part series of what has come to be known as ambient music.  We’ll couple that with the Vancouver-based musician Loscil (Scott Morgan) and his “Rye Fields” from “Lost in the Humming Air,” a larger tribute album of music by ambient producers dedicated to the pioneer and piano legend Harold Budd.  Rounding out the show is “Petey’s Song,” a dark work by Fazio (Mike Fazio whose nom de plume is orchestramaxfieldparrish), for piano and electronic treatments.

PROGRAM #3344, Electroacoustic Ambient Works (First aired on 5/30/2012)                                                        





Harold Budd/Brian Eno

Ambient, Vol. 2: The Plateaux Of Mirror

The Plateaux Of Mirror, excerpt [2:00]

EG Records - #EEGCD 18
Remastered and reissued on Astralwerks.
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Frances White

in the library of dreams

Frances White: The Ocean Inside, feat. 8th blackbird [14:34]

Pogus 21064

John Luther Adams


Strange Birds Passing [6:41]

Mode 240

Harold Budd & Brian Eno

Ambient, Vol. 2: The Plateaux Of Mirror

An Arc of Doves [6:29]

See above.



Lost in the Humming Air (music inspired by Harold Budd)

Rye Fields [5:51]




Peter's Song [8:05]
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Dorian Concept & Tom Chant

The Cinematic Orchestra presents In Motion #1

Dream Work, excerpt [6:26]

Ninja Tune Zen CD 183P