Was "Worst Twerk Fail EVER" A Betrayal of Wonder and All That is Good In the World?

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This week we learned that Worst Twerk Fail EVER, the viral clip that had captured the hearts and minds of America was in fact a hoax. 

When the clip began circulating this month, people loved it. It purported, after all,  to show a woman twerking and accidentally setting her butt on fire.

People loved it as a window onto a moment of humiliation and real-life slapstick. The only problem? It was all a ruse, staged by Jimmy Kimmel, using a professional stuntwoman. He confessed this week after the video had accrued over ten million views. 

Alex Goldman and I had weeklong argument about this hoax. Alex felt it was a betrayal of something that's supposed to be great about the internet -- that it's a place to find genuinely strange moments of human life. I felt like it was dumb America's Funniest Home Video denominator from its outset and didn't really mind that it was not real.

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