Warming Worries Warner

Thursday, November 05, 2009

In one month, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to address climate change. Former Virginia Senator John Warner, co-sponsor in 2006 of the only climate change bill passed by a Senate committee, explains what measures must be taken. He also served as chairman of the Armed Services Committee, and discusses the future of Afghan policy, the Virginia gubernatorial election, and more.


John Warner

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kai from NJ-NYC

@ Calls'em - You think that there are as many scientists that are global warming deniers as there are those that understand that increasing climate change is human induced? Preposterous! Plus, global warming deniers are getting MORE than their fair share of media attention, otherwise we wouldn't even be talking about this.

@ hjs - I don't think the home rule system works well when municipalities determine property taxes yet cry to the state for more assistance. Rebates don't solve the underlying problem.

A new system needs to be devised where municipal services are consolidated among towns, etc., but with some control by the municipality. Many NJ residents won't like it especially when their wealthy district have to share services with the poorer one next door. Something like this has to be done for property taxes to be lowered, otherwise new forms of taxes need to be applied which might be regressive. We shall see...

Nov. 05 2009 02:11 PM
hjs from 11211


"create their evidence" like the woman who tried to pass off a photoshopped birth certificate as real. funny what some people claim is evidence.

ps how's the economy?

Nov. 05 2009 01:06 PM
Calls'em As I Sees'em from McLean, VA

Kai - the science of "global warming" is wrong. They pick a few items out of many to create their "evidence." There as many scientists that disagree with global warming as agree with it - they just don't get the media's time because the media is pro "one world government" since it is bullied by governments and owned by multinational corporations like GE.

Nov. 05 2009 12:54 PM
hjs from 11211

U can add this to your 'facts'

hitler didn't like smoking SO smoking must be good for u

Nov. 05 2009 12:34 PM
hjs from 11211

kai 12
so u would like to see the state rebate the local issued proptery taxes?
read this
the gist is that cherry hill has low property taxes because they cut their local budget. why would a local government ever cut their local budget if the state is going to pick up the tab. looks like NJ wants local home rule as long as the state tax payers pick up the tab for them.
i wish someone would explain why this is rational or fair. if the state is going to pay the bills via rebates shouldn't the state have more of a say in how things are run. should the state be able to cut local budgets??

Nov. 05 2009 12:28 PM
hjs from 11211

wake up
nazis were vegetarians so if u love your pet more than calls'em's 401K you MUST be a nazi
don't u get it.
Kenyans are the master race. they win the marathons so everyone should be forced marry a black and the world is flat so when sea levels rise the extra will go over the edge.
i read all this on the internets.
why don't u understand.

Nov. 05 2009 12:17 PM
kai from NJ-NYC

@ Calls'em

You clearly don't have a grasp on science when you think: "Humans do have an impact on the environment - they can pollute a stream or cause acid rain, etc."...
Yet don't believe in the science of global warming because it "is a bigger issue." This is nonsensical. You either believe in observation and the scientific method or not; you can't pick and choose.

Also, who cares what NAZIs (wha??) thought about? What does that have to do with the determination to grapple with globalized issues based on an international scientific consensus that seeks to limit greenhouse gases through markets? You lost me somewhere...

Nov. 05 2009 11:46 AM
kai from NJ-NYC

The governor has little, but some, to do with property taxes and its implementation. The governor can propose new tax schemes, rebates, etc. (think Daggett's recent idea of new service taxes to offset some of the property taxes) and generally set a tone throughout the state. That doesn't mean that anything will happen, though.

The other thing is that just as everyone blames the "head of state" (president, prime minister, governor) for poor economic conditions, often incorrectly, they did so with Corzine and property taxes which he claimed he would lower during his first campaign.

Nov. 05 2009 11:37 AM
Calls'em As I Sees'em from McLean, VA

TF - Obama was born in Kenya and his paternal grandmother, cousins and the Kenyan Ambassador to the US are on record saying so. He also became an Indonesian citizen, disqualifying him from US Citizenship, even if had been born in the US, which he wasn't. His Mom wanted to get to the US but was not allowed to board a plane.

KAI - Humans do have an impact on the environment - they can pollute a stream or cause acid rain, etc., but global warming is a bigger issue.

You libs are scared of your own shadows and will listen to anyone. It's very, very sad and very similar to the lies the well educated people of Germany listened to in the 1930s. Many Nazi leaders were environmentalists and vegetarians; they loved their pets, too - true story.

Nov. 05 2009 11:33 AM
hjs from 11211

speaking about facts what does the governor have to do with 'lower property taxes '

Nov. 05 2009 11:26 AM
kai from NJ-NYC

It's tough to generate profits in disaster areas, war zones, hubs/nodes where operation facilities no longer can be occupied, areas that do not allow the collection of natural resources at historical levels, etc.; all brought to you by [rapidly increased] climate change.

@ Calls'em: Once again, you get most of your facts (and science) incorrect.

>We are not in a time of global cooling;
>Humans have a clear and DEMONSTRABLE effect on our environment. The VAST majority of scientists understand that humans do have an effect on our climate. The onus is on you to disprove the overwhelming science and you can't.
>As a NJ voter, people here were voting to lower property taxes due to home rule and counter corruption, not to say "NO to 'Cap and Trade' and to the lies of Al Gore, NPR and PBS and Barry Obama."

You clearly need to to go back and learn more at a state-subsidized school, driving on a state built road, following state laws and regulations.

Nov. 05 2009 11:19 AM
tF from 10075


no global warming and obama was born in kenya and facts don't matter. is the earth also flat?

Nov. 05 2009 11:14 AM
Calls'em As I Sees'em from McLean, VA

Global warming is a fake, phony and fraudulent issue. We are in a natural cooling cycle and the socialist libs don’t want to admit it.

Natural climate cycles will continue with little regard to human impact and most scientists know this. Coastal cities have come and gone for untold generations and will continue to do so long after this current cabal of despicable lying politicians and media sycophants have turned to dust.

One large volcano and even Gore’s "global warming" is set back 100+ years. It is a subterfuge for giving up US sovereignty, destroying US industry and our economy and the state control of everything from how and when you heat and light your own home to how much toilet paper you use.

Just say NO to “Cap and Trade” and to the lies of Al Gore, NPR and PBS and Barry Obama. That’s what the folks in New Jersey and Virginia just did.

PS - the 23rd District in NY was Democratic in the 1980s so the Dems are lying again on their spin.

Nov. 05 2009 10:50 AM
tF from 10075

profits are the most important things in life

Nov. 05 2009 10:34 AM
kai from NJ-NYC

Warner has some sage words the U.S. in some of the most difficult times in our nation's history. It seems that most people either drop out or overreact when faced with complexities and nuance in life instead of being deliberate, thinking things through, and coming to the best decision out of all the bad choices, which we're facing now.

Nov. 05 2009 10:25 AM
Lara from Flushing

Wasn't Kennedy and Johnson surrounded by the best and the brightest (like those in the Obama circle)--and look where that got us in Vietnam.

Nov. 05 2009 10:25 AM
Hugh Sansom from Brooklyn NY

John Warner is polite, diplomatic.

The facts call for more. It is not enough for the US "to begin to move forward".

A study came out last week indicating that as much as 20% of mammalian species on this planet face extinction. As much as 70% of plant species may face extinction.

I am stunned that industry 'leaders' and government 'figures' are so indifferent to the well-being of their children and grandchildren that they can take their Know-Nothing approach. Do they think their wealth and privilege will buy them immunity? This isn't health care. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat is loaded with tens of thousands (literally) of chemicals and pollutants. Read John Wargo's Green Intelligence.

Nov. 05 2009 10:20 AM
Cynthia from long island

I think other nations are right to demand higher standards from richer nations. We need to do more than Cap and Trade emissions policy. We need to severely curtail and changes practices that produce greenhouse gases and pollution.

It's time to develop greener, cleaner, safer technologies and practices.

Nov. 05 2009 10:14 AM
Lara from Flushing

Please ask the Senator about his paid lobbying activities with regards to this issue.

Nov. 05 2009 10:13 AM

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