After 23 years, Brooklyn Gets a New District Attorney

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For the first time in more than two decades, Brooklyn will have a new district attorney. Former federal prosecutor Kenneth Thompson defeated Charles Hynes for the Democratic nomination — and there's no major-party challenger in the general election.

Murray Weiss, criminal justice editor for DNAinfo, said Hynes may have lost the election in part due to criticism over his handling of sexual abuse cases in the Orthodox Jewish community. Thompson's win is significant for Brooklyn, he said.

"Mr. Thompson is an African American, so you'll have a face and a leader who reflects a large portion of the population of Brooklyn," Weiss said. "Two, you're going to have a very interesting challenge for Mr. Thompson in that he has to be somebody who represents all of Brooklyn, which is what he said he will be in his acceptance speech." 

To hear Host Amy Eddings' full conversation with Murry Weiss, click on the audio above.