Poverty in America; John O'Hara's Stories; "Mother of George"; "Informant"; Mismanaged Drug Clinics in NYC

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sasha Abramsky talks about how poverty in America has changed in recent years—and how addressing poverty could help reinvigorate our political system. Paris Review editor Lorin Stein and professor Steven Goldleaf discuss John O’Hara’s BUtterfield 8 and New York Stories. Screenwriter Darci Picoult and star Danai Gurira on the new film, “Mother of George,” about a newly married Nigerian couple living in Brooklyn. Plus, a film about a leftist activist who became an FBI informant. And we’ll look at the mismanagement of the city’s drug clinics and sober houses.

The American Way of Poverty

Poverty in America is made up of both the long-term chronically poor and the new working poor—the tens of millions seriously affected by the economic downturn and cutbacks in social welfare programs. Sasha Abramsky argues that for the majority of Americans, financial insecurity has become the new norm. He looks at economic inequality and poverty, and suggests ways for devising a fairer and more equitable social contract. In The American Way of Poverty, he looks at topics from housing policy to wage protections to affordable higher education, and calls political changes and a new, more effective War on Poverty.

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John O'Hara's BUtterfield 8 and New York Stories

John O’Hara is the most-published short story writer in the history of The New Yorker, and he’s seen as an American master of realism. Two new editions of his work have been published—The New York Stories, collected for the first time, and his popular novel BUtterfield 8. Steven Goldleaf, professor of English literature at Pace University and the author of John O’Hara: A Study of Short Fiction, and Lorin Stein, editor of the Paris Review, John O’Hara’s work and style.

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"Mother of George"

Screenwriter Darci Picoult talks about “Mother of George,” along with its star Danai Gurira. The film is a story about a newly married Nigerian couple living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, who struggle with fertility issues, and Danai plays a woman willing to do anything and risk everything for her marriage. “Mother of George” opens September 13 at the Angelika.



Filmmaker Jamie Meltzer talks about his documentary “Informant,” along with left-wing activist turned FBI informant Brandon Darby, the subject of the film. "Informant" opens at Lincoln Center and is available on demand starting September 13.

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Inside a New York Drug Clinic

Jake Bernstein, business reporter for ProPublica, looks at the mismanagement of drug clinics and sober houses in NYC, along with Lillian Imbert, the subject of his article “Inside a New York Drug Clinic, Allegations of Kickbacks and Shoddy Care.”



Guest Picks: Geoffrey Keezer

Jazz pianist and composer Geoffrey Keezer performed live on the Leonard Lopate Show recently. He also told us what he's been listening to lately -- and it's a lot! Find out what's on his iPod...

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