Billy Crystal; M. Night Shyamalan on Improving Schools; Jojo Moyes' Latest Novel; Psychiatry and Pharmaceuticals

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Billy Crystal talks about his long career, bringing his one-man show back to Broadway, and how he’s coping with turning 65. Director M. Night Shyamalan explains how he became an education advocate—and how we can close the achievement gap. Jojo Moyes discusses her latest novel, The Girl You Left Behind, about what happens when a young French artist goes off to the front during World War I. James Davies looks at why psychiatry is one of the fastest growing medical fields, and why patients aren’t necessarily getting better care as a result.

Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal talks to Leonard Lopate about the most powerful and memorable moments of his life and career, from entertaining his relatives as a kid in Long Beach, Long Island, to doing stand-up in the Village to "Saturday Night Live," "When Harry Met Sally," and hosting the Academy Awards.

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M. Night Shyamalan on Closing the Achievement Gap

M. Night Shyamalan, director of the films “The Sixth Sense” and “Unbreakable,” talks about the five keys to closing America’s achievement gap and improving education for all. He and his wife started a foundation that gave college scholarships to promising inner-city students, but they realized that these scholarships did nothing to improve education for all the other students in under-performing schools. In his book I Got Schooled he tells what he learned traveling around the country to study high-performing schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

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The Girl You Left Behind, by Jojo Moyes

Jojo Moyes discusses her new novel, The Girl You Left Behind. Set in France in 1916, Edouard, an artist, leaves his young wife, Sophie, to fight at the front. When their small town falls to the Germans, Edouard’s portrait of Sophie draws the eye of the new Kommandant. As the officer’s dangerous obsession deepens, Sophie will risk everything to see her husband again.


The State of Psychiatry

James Davies examines the current state of psychiatry and argues that the reliance on pharmaceuticals has compromised patients' wellbeing. Cracked: The Unhappy Truth about Psychiatry investigates why psychiatry has become the fastest-growing medical field in history; why psychiatric drugs are now more widely prescribed than ever before; and why the number of mental disorders keeps expanding.

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Guest Picks: Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal was on the Leonard Lopate Show recently to talk about his career; that night he opened for Blood, Sweat & Tears; and coping with growing older. He also told us that he's a fan of scrimshaw. Find out what else Billy's a fan of! 


Guest Picks: M. Night Shyamalan

Filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan was on the Leonard Lopate Show recently to talk about how he became interested in educational reform and how we can close the achievement gap. He also told us what he's been reading and watching recently! 


subway reading

Looking for Something to Read?

The season for beach reading might be drawing to a close, but if you're looking for a good book to read, here are some recommendations from producers and contributors of the Lopate Show.

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