If you own an iPhone, the NSA is snickering at you

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Just in time for Apple's big press conference this week, Der Spiegel's reporting on slides from an internal NSA powerpoint presentation that show the agency making fun of Apple users for voluntarily participating in their own surveillance. 

So while you're anxiously hitting F5 on whatever liveblog you follow for these Big Apple Announcements (I tend to like Gizmodo's) you're also supposed to feel very dumb for falling in love with a shiny toy capable of broadcasting your location to the NSA at any given moment. 

I mean, I guess. But what's the alternative, really? As Der Spiegel also reported, iPhones aren't unique in their domestic spying vulnerability. The NSA is also perfectly capable of breaking into Blackberries. So what's really the problem here? That we're all a bunch of tech-obsessed zombies? Or that our country apparently has a very sophisticated domestic spying program with very little oversight?