Informal, Unofficial, Thoroughly Unscientific Exit Poll: NYC Primary Elections

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Waiting in line to vote in Brooklyn, in the 2008 election. (April Sikorski/Wikimedia Commons)

It's primary election day -- call in to share your voting story in our informal, unofficial, thoroughly unscientific exit poll. Are you a first-time voter? When did you make your decision? What drove you to the polls today? Call 212-433-9692 or post here. 

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@ rh (Sep. 11 2013 01:46 AM):

"Orthodox rabbis should be ones to talk about immoral acts, hiding pedophiles and pushing for allowing a form of circumcision that resulted in the death of two infants, as a form of religious freedom."


1.) "hiding pedophiles"

There are probably /thousands/ of Orthodox rabbis in the world. At least hundreds.

/All/ of them are guilty of knowingly "hiding pedophiles"?

You know this for a fact?

Or perhaps you meant 'only' those who endorsed Erick Salgado's mayoral candidacy? That ALL of /those/ rabbis are guilty of knowingly "hiding pedophiles"? Each and every one?

Can you even /name/ all of the rabbis who have endorsed Rev. Salgado?

(To hopefully be continued)

Sep. 11 2013 07:53 AM

Orthodox rabbis should be ones to talk about immoral acts, hiding pedophiles and pushing for allowing a form of circumcision that resulted in the death of two infants, as a form of religious freedom.

Your post is gruesome and it is sad that such haters exist in such a great city.

Sep. 11 2013 01:46 AM
Lou Russo from SI NY

I noticed low voting turnout in S.I. so far. NOT ONLY THAT!!! District 9's (Bay Terrace SI NY) voting booth has a button you can not press next to Bill di Blasio's name!! I had to call for assistance and was told that it's an old machine and the button is conveniently STUCK! I was told, "use some elbow grease". I did and finally was able to push the button to the left. But if I had trouble, I'm sure some little old lady would not be able to push it at all. She'd probably be too embarrassed to ask for help, and just might press some other candidate's button! I reported this to my contacts at the di Blasio Campaign. If YOU have any contacts please report this,-- Lou Russo

Sep. 10 2013 08:21 PM

Never once considered deBlasio and an still amazed that voting New Yorkers, well about a third of voting New Yorkers, have fallen for his sell job. A de Blasio victory is a victory for the new face on the old Brooklyn democratic machine. They deliver only for those who help them along, and the rest of us get empty promises and new trash cans with Bill's name on them. (Has anyone ever looked into the payback from who got that contract?)

Sep. 10 2013 08:18 PM
Edward from Washington Heights AKA pretentious Hudson Heights

Anybody endorsed by Al Sharpton would be a DISASTER for the city.

Bye, Bye John Liu

Sep. 10 2013 06:20 PM
kath from Brooklyn

I voted for Quinn. Flipped back and forth between her and Deblasio. Want there to be a run-off. Concerned that Deblasio's lovely family has enamored us, but is he able to get the job done? Don't think he'll get the tax money from Albany. And it sounds like he hasn't pushed for the affordable housing negotiated with Ratner...

Sep. 10 2013 06:19 PM
Sage from Staten Island NY

Spent the day thinking the "skills" to win an election are
so different from the "skills" to govern.

Hoping that Bill Thompson has a good enough showing
so if there is a run-off, he still has time to show some

Have been receiving calls all week from the Catsimatidis
campaign even though I am, and always have been, a registered
Democrat. Have received more calls from him than everyone
else combined. If he offered a free day of groceries at Gristedes,
I would be more interested. Most of the calls were robocalls,
but I did get a live call from a young man, when I questioned him,
he told me he was from Buffalo, clearly a paid telemarketer.
Although he was personable, he knew very little about the candidate,
which I don't blame him for, but do blame his handlers.

Sep. 10 2013 05:41 PM
scott from BK

@William from Manhattan

"...first time in years I haven't voted[.]"

You should go and vote, be counted, just do not select anyone, i.e. pull the lever right, then just pull it left. That being said, as an active voter you will receive a million color flyers next election cycle, so beware :-)

Sep. 10 2013 04:52 PM
Dietrich Trott

Those politicians who supported NYU's 20-year planned disaster for southern Manhattan need to be punished. And they are Chin, Squadron, Quinn, and Stringer. May they feel the wrath of the people.

Sep. 10 2013 03:06 PM
Bee from east new york, Brooklyn

I heard on NPR yesterday the candidiates views on traffic enforcement. Much to my disappointment, they all support increased enforcement of traffic violators. Why am I disappointed? Because once the NYPD stop Stop and Frisk, they will increase Stop and Search. The term driving while Black may seem to happen in NJ, but the reality is, racial profiling of drivers with ever more significant consequences for peopel of color is a reality. On your next visit to DMV see who is waiting for a hearing then go to criminal court and see who is getting arrested, spending the night or weekend in jail for traffic violations. I hope when the candidates think this out they will realize simply increasing enforcement without addded protections will take the walking out of the crime of racial profiling but not the crime out of racial profiling

Sep. 10 2013 03:03 PM

I know it well
Asphalt green is a playground for the rich of all ages.
Everyone should be responsible for their own trash and cutting their waste back
That would be fair
Good luck with the class warfare. I'm afraid you'll win. Money talks.

Sep. 10 2013 12:31 PM

@ David Edelstein:

"Alex Gibney's documentary Client 9, which I reviewed in NY Magazine,"

I'm sure you are aware that Gibney also did a documentary on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. But are you familiar with Assange's response?

Julian Assange, on Democracy Now!, May 29th:

"What’s the equivalent title? I Make Fictitious, Fraudulent Films: The Story of Alex Gibney. In response, we have published the full transcript, ahead of public—ahead of the film’s release, with line-by-line detail showing exactly how Alex Gibney edited statements, stitched them together, etc., and didn’t engage in—didn’t engage, it seems, in any fact checking of the statements that the people he was interviewing. You know, for an example, I make some statement that begins with, "Well, what they say is," and then I quote it. Alex Gibney cuts off the "What they say," so in order to put someone else’s words into my mouth. And that’s present throughout the film. This is not a serious work."

Full-transcript at:

Sep. 10 2013 12:01 PM
Sheldon from Brooklyn

Quinn is the most qualified but her cowardice on term limits deserves to be punished, the way Mark Green was - for capitulating to Giuliani after 9/11.

Thompson is the best of the bunch. Wiener, has the best ideas, shame.

Public advocate. I love and want Tish, she has been a hard worker for Brooklyn but if Squadron wins, I will not be mad.

We need fresh blood in the Brooklyn D.A's office.

Spitzer for comptroller, just because.

Sep. 10 2013 11:46 AM
Phil from Bronx

Proudly cast a vote for Bill DeBlasio this morning. I hope turnout is higher than the early indication I saw as I was only the 7th person to vote and it was already 7:05am.

Sep. 10 2013 11:42 AM

dont forget that the anybody but quinn group recognizes the jobs issues with the carriage horses, and has been trying to promote the transitioning of the horse guys into drivers of a fleet of electric cars, which unlike horses, can run in most weather conditions and in traffic, without danger of collapse and trauma.

Sep. 10 2013 11:41 AM

Brian - not everyone who lives on the UES is against the transfer station. I have lived here nearly my whole life. I don't love the idea, but I know it is fair and what the people against are saying is overblown and mostly nimby driven. I admire Quinn for being for it all along, even though it is unpopular in this area for her. Will all these people vote for Lohta in the General election because he is for it? I think not. many people around here are being very short-sighted on this issue in this very important election.

Sep. 10 2013 11:40 AM
Lenore from Manhattan

I have just changed who I am going to vote for--for Stringer. I was going to vote for Spitzer after Stringer said he would support the Midtown East rezoning for more density. But Edelstein's reference to the NAMBLA issue sent me to Google. It wasn't some rogue flyer--the Spitzer campaign wanted to make a point of Stringer's vote against the law that would have removed the tax exemption. It wasn't support for NAMBLA, and that is really unethical on Spitzer's part.

So it'll be Stringer after all.

Sep. 10 2013 11:38 AM
tom from astoria

Quinn had a good idea on buying and improving derelict old buildings -- Im very interested in which candidates are more pro development and who will stand up to developers, such as rescinding the new zoning around Grand Central Station. New York shouldn't look like Houston!

Sep. 10 2013 11:38 AM
Nina from NYC


The area of the proposed dump is full of public housing, public schools, and public playgrounds. It is not Carnegie Hill; it is north Yorkville/east Harlem.

Sep. 10 2013 11:36 AM
Eli 5 from Brooklyn

DeBlasio - school parent roots - my kid was in class with dante elementary school through mid school Bill's a good guy, nice kids & wife - sorry it's just that local
& FYI he's not hispanic as a caller just mentioned.....

Sep. 10 2013 11:34 AM
Nina from NYC


Where the Candidates stand:

- Democratic mayor candidate Bill Thompson has vowed to stop the dump. His opponents Bill de Blasio and Christine Quinn have stated they will build the dump.
- Republican candidates Joe Lhota, who shut down the original dump and John Catsimatidis both say they will stop the dump if elected.

- Democratic comptroller candidate Eliot Spitzer has pledged to stop the dump. His opponent Scott Stringer has been silent.

- Democratic candidates for borough president Gale Brewer, Robert Jackson and Jessica Lappin have all vowed to do everything they can to stop the dump. Disappointingly, Julie Menin supports endangering kids, seniors and low-income communities by building the dump

Sep. 10 2013 11:31 AM

Clearly rich people shouldn't have to live near a trash transfer point.

Sep. 10 2013 11:31 AM
CLEAR FLUIDZ from Upper Wesr Side

I favor DiBlasio. That said, due to his commanding position in the poles, I thought I'd vote for Thompson in that if there is to be a runoff, I'd rather it not include Quinn. However, Thompson totally blew it for me when he accepted Al D'Amato's endorsement. In my opinion, D'Amato's slime factor is completely off the charts. So, I voted for DiBlasio.

Sep. 10 2013 11:29 AM

I'm promoting diversity by NOT voting for anyone with a law degree if possible

Lawyers are trained to lie and not one of them sould be trusted!

Sep. 10 2013 11:28 AM
Amy from Manhattan

I ran into an Anyone But Quinn rally a couple of weeks ago in Greenwich Village & asked someone what they had against her. The main thing they said was that she had refused to meet w/people in the neighborhood about the Spectra pipeline whose construction has begun, near a school & a playground.

Sep. 10 2013 11:24 AM

Quinn imposed an onerous license system on pedi-cabs, not because there was a problem, but just because she could.

Sep. 10 2013 11:22 AM
Stitches from nyc

started off liking de Blasio a lot, but changed my mind on him.
He has used his family pretty flagrantly in this election...Can't imagine the others doing so.
Quinn is the right choice for me, she is unlikable but very capable woman.
Brash and tough and never over-promises. Good stock.

Sep. 10 2013 10:52 AM
Lindsey Horner from Washington Heights

I was undecided until last night but voted for Quinn today. While her voice reminds me of nails on a blackboard and on paper she's not as progressive as I would like, I think she has the best chance to actually accomplish what she says she will. She supports Ray Kelly as do I. Crime is at an all time low and that is no coincidence. Also, I think a successful mayor of New York has to have the "Mick Jagger gene", the X-factor that goes beyond being smart or looking good; you need to be able to hold a crowd in thrall and get people to agree even if they don't want to or don't think they should. LaGuardia had that, Lindsay didn't, Koch had it (for two terms), Dinkins didn't. Quinn has it.

I wouldn't be crushed if it ended up being DeBlasio or Thompson or even Liu (Weiner would be a problem), but at the end of the day, I think Christine Quinn is the best for the job right now.

Sep. 10 2013 10:47 AM

Hillary from Brooklyn wrote,
"Brian, will you just endorse someone? I'll do whatever you say!"

Much as I'd like to believe this was a form of sarcasm or satire, I fear otherwise.

Victor from Morningside Heights wrote,
"Christine Quinn reminds me of the least favorite Assistant Principal in your kid's school. The one on the megaphone yelling at the kids in the lunchroom to be quiet."

Actually, as reprehensible as I find her /substantively/, I nonetheless find Quinn's brash, in-your-face, New York /style/ rather charming in its own way.

Sep. 10 2013 10:43 AM
David Edelstein from Brooklyn

Thanks for this opportunity. I supported Eliot Spitzer until yesterday. Alex Gibney's documentary Client 9, which I reviewed in NY Magazine, depicted Spitzer as a crusader against Wall Street perfidy and pretty much proved that he'd been tailed as governor by billionaires he'd crossed. But on your show yesterday a caller read aloud the hand-out about Scott Stringer's principled support of a bill that happened to give a break to NAMBLA. However disgusting that organization is, Spitzer's decision to attack Stringer on those grounds was unscrupulous. I voted for Stringer.

Sep. 10 2013 10:37 AM
Victor from Morningsideheights

Christine Quinn reminds me of the least favorite Assistant Principal in your kid's school. The one on the megaphone yelling at the kids in the lunchroom to be quiet.

Sep. 10 2013 10:29 AM
William from Manhattan

If you rule out the criminals and crackpots, usually there are only a handful of candidates left to choose between. I had made my selections from them a few weeks ago, but those candidates' campaigns have robo-called me so relentlessly over the last week that voting for them would effectively reward them for bad manners. Who wants a mayor or borough president who thinks it a good idea to wake up your baby or interrupt your dinner? This will be the first time in years I haven't voted, but I can't bring myself to endorse any of them. Either they're corrupt, nuts or their campaigns are just plain rude.

Sep. 10 2013 10:26 AM
Hillary from Brooklyn

Still undecided, but I have to go vote soon!
And I listened to all the interviews last night.
Brian, will you just endorse someone? I'll do whatever you say!

Sep. 10 2013 10:24 AM
Katie from Huntington

Alison was going to vote for DiBlasio until she found out he was a Red Sox fan???? That's intelligent.

Sep. 10 2013 10:24 AM
art525 from Park Slope

I can't help but think that they guy who called in for Catsimadtidis and the guy who was for Quinn were ringers from those prospective campaigns.

Sep. 10 2013 10:23 AM
Estelle from Brooklyn

To William of Williamsburg, Would you vote for Michelle Bachman because she's a woman?

Sep. 10 2013 10:22 AM
Katie from Huntington

Having your son campaign for you and do an ad for you when you're running for election is not exploitation, it's simply campaigning. Candidates wives and children often do this. I remember meeting Chelsea Clinton when her mother was running for NY Senate. Is it "exploitation" simply because the child is black?

Sep. 10 2013 10:20 AM
john from Office

This callin form leads me to wonder about allowing everyone to vote. Maybe it was right to allow only the landed Gentry to vote, the average person is an idiot. As in, I love the deblasio's ad and his son's afro, Urghghghg. I love the Dante ad!!! Urgh

Thank god for the electoral college! The Mob is the Mob.

Sep. 10 2013 10:19 AM

Brian, you're not up to your normal political reaction/correction level.

The GOP caller who was happy to see the Liberal Party was backing Catsimiditis might have been too young to know that the Liberal party in NYS is not liberal as it was purchased by GOP interests years ago.

I hope your fact-checkers get on it ASAP.

Sep. 10 2013 10:19 AM

@kixhead: #voted #exitpoll Mayor @deBlasioNYC Comptroller @scottmstringer Pub Advo @DanielSquadron Borough Pres @JulieMenin Councillor @RosieMendez

Sep. 10 2013 10:17 AM
william wood from williamsburg

Thompson/Di Blasio/ Quinn over the last few months until yesterday when my daughter said vote for the woman. I believe we have a huge imbalance towards men in elected office so I told my 8 year old I would cast my vote to her favor. This morning she asked who else I would vote for and why. I told her di Blasio for education and housing concerns, though I was concerned about his ability to deliver on his promises. She told me to vote for him and I did. Latitia James for Public Advocate.

Sep. 10 2013 10:15 AM
antonio from baySide

I could be wrong but has the BL show done any coverage on the third-party candidates?

I am very conflicted over Lui and Deblasio...
Reshma M. Saujani has my vote mostly because of her creation of 'girls who code.'
And Katz for Queens borough president...

Sep. 10 2013 10:08 AM
Laura from Staten Island

My main goal was to vote for Stringer, and against Spitzer. I was ambivalent about the mayoral race, and thought I was going to vote for Bill de Blasio. But when I got into the booth, I surprised myself and voted for John Liu. I realized that I liked him the best from your interviews.

Sep. 10 2013 10:07 AM
Allison from Brooklyn

I decided really last night. I was for Di Blassio in the beginning. That was until he said he was a Red Sox fan. Then I was torn. Last night my husband and i read through the positions of each candidate and we both decided on Thompson. Then it was firmed up when we went out walking the dogs late and had a long chat with several of our neighbors. That really sealed the deal.


Then at least there may be a run off and I can rethink the whole thing.

Sep. 10 2013 10:05 AM
jgarbuz from Queens

I have to agree with Chuzzlewit. First thing, do no harm. This city can only go down. Keep the status quo. Do NOT vote for "progressives" who will only bring the city DOWN just as I saw Lindsay do back in the '60s. I think Thompson is the only rational choice at this critical moment. A moderate black mayor is the best choice at this particular juncture.

Yes, the city has problems, but where in this are there no problems? Yes there is too much unemployment.Yes there is still too much homelessness. Yes there is a need for more affordable housing, and certainly for improvements in K-12 education. But I don't see the so-called "progressives" offering anything but more failed "programs," higher taxes to pay for them, and a return to people fleeing the city as was the case back in the '70s when they ran things around here. Let's not go back to that!

Sep. 10 2013 09:48 AM

How can one choose? They are all beholden to the people they take money from. They are tainted by their associations and the associations of their spouses and children. The great concern they suddenly have for the middle and lower classes is weak and comes late. Well, that decided me - back to bed now.

Sep. 10 2013 09:41 AM

I voted early in the 54thED at my poll. Sole voter @0730, but #26 on the DEM counter. However, 55/68 at same poll had line of about 8 waiting to vote. All 4 machines appeared to be working OK.

Sep. 10 2013 09:40 AM
Katie from Huntington

Please! "Democrat Party..." "I was handed a Democrat voting ballot..." I may be a Democrat, but it's DemocratIC. DemocratIC Party. DemocratIC voting ballot. That is the correct, grammatical pronounciation. "Democrat Party" is a Republican slur.

Sep. 10 2013 09:36 AM
Max from New York

I went to vote this morning in the 16th electoral district, but it was a waste of my time. First, the lever machine was broken and I was handed an envelope and a pen. Second, I was handed a Democrat voting ballot even though I cannot vote in the Democrat primary. The Republican ballot was not even on the table, or anywhere for that matter. After some searching, one of the poll workers found a handful and handed one to me. I filled it out at the table while another voter was standing over me and placed it into the envelope, which has a form printed on it that ten times longer than the ballot.

So lets review, no privacy, missing party ballot, and likely a rejected ballot based on the envelope form. This is just another example of the incompetence of the NYC election board and of the political intolerance of this city.

Sep. 10 2013 08:37 AM
Martin Chuzzlewit from Manhattan


Fellow Democrats - Vote for BILL THOMPSON !!

The only responsible adult in the room.

(The city is thriving and has never been better. It can only slide backward.)

Sep. 10 2013 08:30 AM

I cannot vote at all today, as I am registered independent of any party. If I were a Democrat, I would be voting for Erick Salgado. Rev. Salgado is the only one candidate (to the best of my knowledge) in the mayoral race who is not completely beholden to the abortion[1] and "LGBTQ"[2] lobbies and their insidious, corrosive (EVEN FROM A PURELY *SECULAR* PERSPECTIVE) agendas. For this reason, a number of respected Orthodox rabbis have declared that it is incumbent upon every Jew to vote for Rev. Salgado in this election. For the general election in November, if the Reverend isn't on the ballot as a third-party candidate, I may write him in.

[1] "If you oppose militarism, the death penalty, and call for greater public attention to the plight of the poor, read on: you will be challenged to apply your principles consistently. If you are at home in the politi[c*]al Right, read on: you will see that the idea that human life should be protected in all its stages is one that transcends politics, and demands a response beyond legal protection." -

*Unfortunately, it seems that this site is no longer maintained. I had emailed to correct this obvious spelling error but received no response.

[2] A major, if not overwhelming part of the "LGBTQ" agenda is the whitewashing and promotion of an act that, in addition to being inordinately disease-spreading and gruesome is also highly degrading and even brutal-- if not downright /sadistic/. This is acknowledged by men as emphatically /pro- homoerotic/ as Bill Weintraub ( *) and Rob McGee ( ) who are highly critical of buggery (anal penetration) and its role in contemporary "gay culture".

*Graphic content

(Quoting/citing != endorsement)

Sep. 10 2013 04:31 AM

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