A Silent Birthday Wish To John Cage

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Composer John Cage

My wife snapped this photo yesterday on 7th Avenue in Park Slope, outside the Big Nose Full Body wine shop.  I'm more of a beer/single malt/bourbon guy myself, but I was impressed to see the wine folks offering such an unusual and appropriate Happy Birthday wish to the late, and hugely influential, American avant-garde composer John Cage.  Yesterday would've been his 101st birthday. 


A Park Slope wine shop had an especially clever birthday wish for avant-garde composer John Cage, who would've turned 101 yesterday.


The rest of the sign?  Well, that is the written score to Cage's most famous, or infamous, work: 4'33"4'33" is for solo pianist, and is in the conventional three movements.  Well, "conventional" in that there are three movements.  Usually they'd go fast - slow - fast, but in Cage's piece, they are, as you can see, tacet - tacet - tacet. "Tacet" is the Latin word for "silent." 

Nicely done.