One NY Artist: Stand-up Comedian Naomi Ekperigin

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There are thousands of artists in New York City. Some are famous internationally. Others are scratching out a living while perfecting their craft in basements or on stage. WNYC is bringing a few of them to the spotlight, in their own voices.

Here, stand-up comedian Naomi Ekperigin. She is one of a few African-American female comedians, and often jokes about race, or dating. "I live in Harlem, most of my friends live in Brooklyn, I have had hasty sex to avoid a subway transfer," she said recently in one of her shows.

Ekperigin's dad is from Nigeria, her mom is from Detroit, and she grew up in Harlem. But she said fact that she attended private school in the Upper East Side gave her an outsider perspective that she believes is key for comedians. "I am comfortable anywhere. Nothing really intimidates me," she said. "Once you deal with some mean rich girls, ok, anything is easy."

She performs in places like The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Gotham Comedy Club, or Karma Lounge, where she hosts her monthly Coyote Average.

To listen to the whole piece about Ekperigin, click on the audio link above.