Satire, Syria & Late-Night Stumbles

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We've been gauging the questions and concerns about intervention in Syria from all corners this week, and one place with unique challenges is late night comedy.

In entertainment the show must go on, but comedians are having some trouble with that old adage this week as the news out of Syria grows darker and more complex.

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart returned from vacation this week to confront the prickly politics of talking Syria, and The Onion has taken a hawkish approach to covering the news, with headlines like "'Help Has To Be On The Way Now,' Thinks Syrian Man Currently Being Gassed."

So are comedians just baffled by how they should react, or have they taken sides on an issue that necessitates debate?

With us to explain is On the Media producer PJ Vogt. He's also the host of the new blog TLDR, which you can find at