Haim: A Power Pop Force On The Rise

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Haim's debut record is 'Days Are Gone'

Even before Los Angeles pop band HAIM (rhymes with "time") released its debut album, Days Are Gone, in September, they'd won over a ton of fans and critics -- even topping BBC's Sound of 2013 poll earlier this year. Combining three sisters -- Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim -- and drummer Dash Hutton, HAIM also blends an array of musical influences.

Songs like "Falling" and "The Wire" evoke '80s radio pop, silky early '90s R&B, and big "we're all in this together" sing-along rock anthems brimming with infectious electronic hooks, sterling three-part harmony, and killer guitar melodies. And while those fantastically catchy singles have already dominated this spring and summer, the captivating and undeniably fun live show is where the group truly shines. With Days Are Gone on the horizon, HAIM truly seems poised for bigger things to come.

This segment originally aired on Sept. 9, 2013.


Set List:

  • "Honey & I"
  • "Falling"
  • "Go Slow"