TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo Links from Around the Web

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Charles, 2013 -- from Greg Miller's photos of students waiting at school bus stops


Wait -- wasn't the new Bay Bridge originally budgeted at just over $1 billion? How the new span wound up being a decade late -- and costing $6.4 billion. (Link)

Check out what happens when musician -- and bicyclist -- David Byrne invents a bike rack alphabet. (Link)

The boom after the bust: car sales are en fuego. (Link)


Average traffic speeds in Manhattan's primary business district have actually risen 7 percent in the last five years. (New York Times)

Maryland's governor will release a list of transit projects benefiting from the state's extra gas tax revenue. The big news: weekend MARC service will begin in December. (Baltimore Sun)

Rust, power outages, and mineral deposits: a leaky tunnel is plaguing D.C.'s Red Line, and now Metro officials are talking about installing a waterproof liner. (Washington Post)

A task force is beginning to examine Chicago's transit network. (Chicago Tribune)

Does pressing the pedestrian crossing button actually do anything? The answer -- at least in the U.K. -- is "it depends." (BBC)

SEPTA riders: speak up about the quiet cars. (CBS)

Photos: students waiting at school bus stops. (Time)