Where Does Your Member of Congress Stand on Syria? Where do You?

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Congress is debating President Obama's plan for a military strike on Syria. Here's where the 39 members of the U.S. House of Representatives and four U.S. Senators from New York and New Jersey stand on the President's proposal. Find out where your representative stands, and voice your opinion on WNYC and directly to your Member of Congress. 


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Bob from Westchester

I do not see how US military action will affect the situation in Syria other than to cause additional unnecessary deaths.

Sep. 08 2013 08:26 AM

I don't think thumbs up or down work.

Sep. 06 2013 04:33 PM

The US cannot police the world when there are so many issues here that need to addressed and resolved, particularly getting people back to work! Getting involved in the Syrian conflict puts our homeland at risk! I say a resounding "NO" to bombing Syria.

Sep. 06 2013 10:56 AM

Have President Obama and Congress learned nothing from our misadventures in Iraq?
Or has President Obama lost his marbles?
We need to stay out of the horror show in Syria.
Our meddling in the civil war in Syria could set the whole Middle East ablaze
There will be no winners.

Sep. 06 2013 10:26 AM
matt n from nj

There is no good side in syria. We have Iran and hezbollah on one side and the rebels/Al-Queda on the other. If we do help the rebels gain control whats stopping them from getting access to the chemical weapons.

Sep. 06 2013 08:57 AM
william pellegrini from lindenhurst

why is no one talking about incitements and a trial in abstentia at the hague in the world court for war crimes. Making it so that these animals can not cross a border with out being hung for their acts would work eventually as it did in bosnia and other places where the rats finally were driven from the holes they hide in. no matter what the provocation or justification if we use "just a small match" to light the fuse we once again fall into their game. Peter King has had us sniffing our shoes at the airport long enough .we have been at war continuously since 1812 can't we try staying strong enough to protect ourselves without going into every neighbors house to break up every argument. Interfering in tribal patriarchal societies and expecting them to jump for democracy is a fools errand and in the dictionary under fool is Mr Kings picture.

Sep. 05 2013 08:32 PM

Hey people! Remember this? Israel Attacked Palestinian Civilians with White Phosphorus in 2008 - 2009

Or this? Washington Attacked Iraqi Civilians with White Phosphorus in 2004

I can't believe Obama is doing this. We hardly have evidence on who did it and everyone is ready to attack, like a mob. Stop letting our government-run media sway your thinking? Even WNYC is really disgusting on this.

Sep. 05 2013 04:36 PM


We've fixed the height of the tool, and added the the NJ and NY US Senators. Hope that helps!

Jenny from WNYC

Sep. 05 2013 04:29 PM

The applet gets cut off at the bottom and I have to click and drag my mouse's scroll wheel to see the poll section. I've tried it in Chrome and Firefox.

Sep. 05 2013 03:08 PM
Justine from Oak Ridge N.J.

Last Fall when my family, was out of power for 14 days, Senator Menendez's office told me that there was "absolutely nothing they could do for me."
But how quickly my Senator is willing to dive in and help the Syrians. His priorities are really off. Take care of your constituents before dragging us into yet another conflict abroad. If this action blows up I will not give him my sons.

Sep. 05 2013 01:20 PM

Any "hostile" act on our part would be a provocation. We need not be the world's policeman anymore, and should not repeat the mistakes of the Bush administration by involving us in another unwinnable situation. Besides, we can't afford the co$t of another military (mi$)adventure.

Sep. 05 2013 12:02 PM

To Phillip from NJ and John from Jackson Heights,

We've fixed the tool since this morning and it should be working fine. Please try entering your address again to see where your Member of Congress stands. Let us know if you run into any other issues.

Jenny from WNYC

Sep. 05 2013 11:36 AM
citizenshaveavoice from whitestone, NY

Obama uses the fact that women and children were killed by the gas. It makes us feel more emotional and outraged with them being victims. Solution: give the women and children safe passage out, let the men who seem to like to fight, sort it out. When the killing is over, help the women and children rebuild their country. Build schools and hospitals etc. This is a war about religion, it's not OUR responsibility. America is always looking for a war to get involved in. UN should be the final word with other nations that make up the UN deciding what action needs to be taken.

Sep. 05 2013 11:22 AM
d aronian from New York

There is no "good side" in Syria. Bombing will only make matters worse. I vote NO, NO, NO!!!!!

Sep. 05 2013 11:14 AM
Hossein Ahmadi

Mr. President please don't waste our tax money on another ugly war. Wars bring nothing but destruction and misery. Instead, concentrate your energy on addressing the enormous socio-economic problems that our youth are facing.

Sep. 05 2013 10:52 AM
David from Fredericksburg, VA

I am against the proposed attacks. Blowing people up to accomplish exactly nothing is the height of immorality.

Sep. 05 2013 10:50 AM
MSL, NY from Manhattan

This is a tough decision, but by and large I trust Obama. I keep remembering the books and articles criticizing FDR for not bombing the rail lines that fed into the concentration camps during World War II. As long as this is a limited strike, I support the president. How will we explain doing nothing while children get gassed?

Sep. 05 2013 10:36 AM
Ninbus from Upper West Side

It was astonishing to watch as John Kerry had his very own "Colin Powell Moment" the other day before a congressional hearing. Employing what could only be termed sleight-of-hand and legalese, Kerry made what the Administration considers a forceful case for US military intervention in Syria.

Clearly, the 'evidence' on Syria is inconclusive. Even were it established that one or another side gassed the populace, it is difficult (impossible) to understand a rationale for our 'intervention'.

That Barack Obama - Nobel Peace Prize recipient - is considering a strike in Syria is beyond depressing.

Sep. 05 2013 09:26 AM
Phillip Brannon from NJ

Dear NYC:

on air you indicated I could go to this location & learn my congressman's position on Syria. Well here I am and I do not see the info.

I live in Cong Freylinghausen's district in NJ>

Phillip Brannon

Sep. 05 2013 09:25 AM
John Moran from Jackson Heights

How do I learn my Congressman's position. Is he among the undecided, for the intervention, or opposed? When I click, nothing happens?

Sep. 05 2013 09:10 AM

the rebels told Mint Press Reporter Yahya Ababneh they are responsible for the chemical attack last week.

In that report rebels allegedly told said Ababneh the chemical attack was a result of mishandling chemical weapons.

Sep. 05 2013 07:21 AM

Oppose an attack on Syria. The UN report, and AP reports indicate the Rebels gassed Syria.
Arab media means have revealed some of the UN investigators’ conclusions about the Chemical Weapon use; the investigators have left Syria before days after they have visited some towns of Damascus countryside.
The Lebanese Newspaper “al-Safer” points out that the upcoming results of the UN inspectors’ investigations will suggest, according to the available data, that “homemade gas, was thrown with homemade flasks” and not a complex gas fixed to a warhead on the missile.
The newspaper points out that the results of the investigations will increase the international confusion specially when it will exclude the suspicions of Damascus’s use of chemical Weapon and will accuse the armed men.

Sep. 05 2013 07:17 AM

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