Takeaway Listener Talks U.S. Syria Intervention & Gulf War Memories

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Takeaway listener Ahmed Daoud
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This week we've been hearing from lawmakers, experts and analysts as the U.S. considers military intervention in Syria.

But The Takeaway has also heard you—the citizens, voters, soldiers, veterans, and in some cases, survivors of war. The voices of Takeaway listeners are crucial as the American people anxiously watch the deepening Syrian conflict and the road to potential U.S. intervention. 

Ahmed Daoud, a Takeaway listener in Minneapolis, was a child living in Kuwait with his family during the Gulf War and experienced U.S. intervention firsthand. That experience was a profound one, shaping his idea of what U.S. intervention can accomplish.  

After his family left Kuwait, Ahmed was educated in the United States and is now an American citizen and works as a semiconductor engineer in the Minneapolis area. He explains what it was like to experience the Gulf War, and how the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars have changed his perspective on U.S. involvement in foreign conflicts.